Wednesday, 11 March 2009

9th, 10th, 11th & 12th March 1980

Gawd I typed out a post last night and the internet decided to go to sleep so all was lost ... doh! So again I think I will do a brief outline of the dairy entries

Sunday 9
I got up at 12.00 then in the evening we went to the Woolpack to play darts and skittles

Monday 10
Sam woke me up before he went to work... I messed about playing with his dog then met him for lunch.
He bought me a turquoise blouse from Dorothy Perkins and I caught the train home. When I got back to Liverpool the heel of my boot fell off... not just the heel tip but the whole heel... thank goodness for good old Wollies (aww poor Woolworths!!) it was stuck on again ... I do know the boots were never the same again as the heel just didn't sit righ ...I loved those grey boots.
Watched a new series called
'Fox' (don't remember this at all!)

Tuesday 11
Actually did a full day in college but it was 'quite boring really' Watched 'The Virgin & the Gypsy' for the 4th time

Wednesday 12
Went to college 11 -1 & bought Sad Cafe tickets for £2.25 ... how cheap were they?? Cooked a chicken for cookery the next day & weighed out all the ingredients from 6 - 8 .... god what was I making that took 2 hours to weigh out lol??
When my computer is playing well I do Twitter and it has amazed me how many celebrities Twitter too.... most have 1000s of followers and some do follow us ordinary folk (not me though... )
I came across this paper that came free with the Manchester Evening News last week (I was putting the recycling out!)

It gives a big list of real celebs not the pretend ones .. so if you fancy stalking ooops following some here they are
Danny Wallace ..... is misterwallace
Russell Brand ... is rustyrockets
Demi Moore ... is mrskutcher
Alan Carr ..... is AlanCarr
Xzibit ... is mrxtothaz
Chris Moyles... is chrisdjmoyles
Britney Spears .... is britneyspears
Lily Allen ....... (just for you DP) lilyroseallen
MC Hammer ... is mchammer
Willaim Shatner ... is WilliamShatner
John Cleese.... is JohnCleese
Noel Edmonds .... is noel_edmonds
Bill Gates ..... is billgates
Richard Branson ... is richardbranson (I coul stalk him if the internet he provides me with worked better)
P Diddy .... is iamdiddy
Boris Johnson ... is MayorOfLondon
Tom Cruise ... is realtomcruise

& I am 70steen


Daddy Papersurfer said...

The only person in that sort of league that I follow is Stephen Fry ...... and I might give up on him soon. He tends to lose the 'twittering' plot ..... rye, quirky humour is what we need young man.

Oh, and you of course - tee hee

Anonymous said...

who wants to twitter with william shatner????

70steen said...

I was considering following Stephen Fry but I don't think I will bother.. may have a peep at John Cleese though

70steen said...

NM ~ that did cross my mind too lol !!

Somnambulist said...

@DP - what's funny about bread? Or is that some kind of Gypsy humour you're alluding to?

fracas said...

I've been collecting celebrity twitters for a while now, intending to offer a list. Great minds think alike sis!

I've learned they are BORING though, and some of them are all (how shocking) full of themselves!!

Most won't add anyone back, but some do. I can't wait to get them off my list though. I must have close to a hundred... :-P

I agree with nursemyra. And then who wants to follow tom cruise either? Ick.

70steen said...

Somn ~ lol ... who can ever tell what DP alludes to on a daily basis ;-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ hey I want to see you list I must come and have a fossick in your Twitter account

I was actually going to have a peep at Tom Cruise .. I still remember how cute he was in Cocktail but alas does nothing for my these days lol