Saturday, 14 March 2009

14th & 15th March 1980

Friday 14
College 12 - 3
Worked at the careers book in the library (I bet it had what I wanted to be but not what I ended up doing!! I try to advise my teen over such matters without bursting the 'hope' bubble)
Brought it home
Sam phoned at 7.30 ish (so glad I am now 'ish' the preciseness of times in my diary did worry me slightly lol)
I was fed up tonight so I went out with my brother and Mike to the Houghton & the 'Brick
Home at 11.15
Watched a film 'Dance of the Vampires ' = rubbish

Bed 1.30

Saturday 15 (2 years 3 months) (that is how long I had been dating Sam)

Worked 9 - 6 as usual
Freezing cold day = not busy at all
Phoned Sam in my lunch time - which was 3.15
He wasn't in as he was at Stoke v Norwich
He phoned at 6.30
Wasn't too chatty but what can one expect from him .. miracles ?? (Oh my word young 70s!)
Fi came round and stayed til 11.40
Bed at 11.50

England v Scotland in the 'Grand Slam' - rugby
England won !!!!
Now being a Mum (or Dad) comes without instructions. I think so far I have done a fairly good job (without paternal help).
I have a gorgeous Teen who is feisty, loving, individual, polite, cheeky at times but not in trouble with law, who doesn't smoke or drink & gets good grades at school.. so all in all I am thankful I have done the right thing in the past 16 years........ BUT can someone please pass me the Coping manual/instructions (there must be some) that helps me cope with her going to Rome on a plane (evil cigar tubes that defy the rules of gravity) without me in a few weeks time .................


Daddy Papersurfer said...

There comes a point when the 'small' ones lead the way which feels very odd.
Perhaps your teen might help you with your phobia when she returns having had a lovely time and is very excited about everything.
I went to Rome with my school ...... it was the first time I got drunk ..... but you probably didn't want to hear that!!!! - tee hee

[the worries and concerns continue forever - they just change - sorry, gotta be realistic - ho hum]

Anonymous said...

It's not being on the plane that you should be worried about 70s. It's what she gets up to when she's on the ground..... :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ it is such a strange feeling indeed. She has been abroad with school on a coach this time it is with b/f and his parents ....

[yep my mum still worries about me so I guess it never goes away ] :-(

70steen said...

thanks NM ... I think? lol ;-)