Monday, 23 March 2009

A Pamper Interlude

Earlier this month those loverly people over at FuelmyBlog sent me another product to test.
I am really getting into this kinda treatment... it is great.

This time is wasn't something to consume but something to pamper myself with.... fantastic... hey we all need a bit of pampering :-)

The products were provided by Aveeno ~ 'Discover Nature's Secret for healthy, beautiful skin'.
I must say I have never heard of the company but they are part of Johnson & Johnson which is a household name ... so I knew I was in good hands.

The first product I tried was the Daily Moisturising Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, known for its soothing properties. It said on the tube that it 'moisturises dry skin for 24 hours.'
I have used oatmeal products before and I appreciate the magic it has.

Well I couldn't wait to try this. My hands aren't particularly dry but they do get a bit that way through the winter months (as I am terrible at remembering to wear gloves when it is sub zero!!) and when my hands are in and out of water during my domestic goddess moments (& terrible at remembering to wear gloves when using cleaning products).

Well I can tell you I was very impressed indeed as it quickly absorbed into my skin and left it feeling really soft. I applied it up my arms and around my elbows and yes it does what it says on the tube .... thoroughly recommended by 70s. I have taken this product into work to apply through the day after I have washed my hands

The next product was the Aveeno Cream

This product like the Daily Moisturising Lotion has oatmeal in it too. This cream has some texture to it ... you can feel a bit of grittiness from the oatmeal.
I used this product on my legs that have not seen day light since maybe September 08...

Being someone who likes to contast and compare I put the Aveeno Cream on my left leg and another moisturiser on the my right leg. All I can say is that the Aveeno 'leg' is far softer and smoother than the non Aveeno leg ... a great product I must say.

What struck me with both products was the fragrance free aspect. Far too often the products I have bought in the past have such a high fragrance thing going on ....which has my teen says 'oh you smell like Nana'... lovely in one respect but I don't want to smell like a 78 year old pensioner!!! Plus it clashes with any fragrance I wear.

The complete fragrance free effect along with its great moisturising properties also means that men should not be afraid to use it ... really there is no 'after draft' from it.

Now for the final testing product ... the bath powder.

I shower daily and rarely get a chance to 'lush' in a bathtub. This weekend I finally found the time to bathe. Well this was an experience indeed. I opened the packet and smelled porridge oats. It was a shock after the non fragrant products I had been testing.
I poured half of the powder in the bath under the running water .. and said 'oh!'
I am used to this when I bathe... loads of bubbles and pure indulgence.

But was met with this !! An oil slick that smelt like as I said ... porridge oats !!

Ok I stood there looking at the non inviting warm bath that was awaiting me .. and said to myself 'come on 70s you know you can do it, you are doing market research!!'

Although not inviting at all the smell when submerged was actually very relaxing ... and I am now a covert as my skin on exit from the bath felt smooth and had that protective layer feeling... it was actualy really good.

So the conclusion to this testing is .. the products from Aveeno are really good & would recommend you go out and buy them. In the UK they are available on the High Street and if not you can get them on line.

Have a go ... you know you want to ;-)


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aveeno is good, I have very dry feet and hands and also eczema on my feet so use this when I remember to!

70steen said...

wow Golden Girl that was a quick comment I had only just hit send... but yes I agree it is such an amazing product. I suffered from an allergy related eczema thing many years ago (I never got to the bottom of it! It disappeared as quickly as it took over me) It was when I worked in the leather industry and I have noticed a similar itchy spot appearing due to wearing leather boots in the winter ... and you know it has calmed beautifully using aveeno

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You've got eczema on your bottom!!!!?! and you've been bathing in porridge!!!?! Yet another example of the Norff/Souff divide - I'm shocked to the core .....

gitwizard said...

I was really stressed out till I came to visit your comments section 70s, now i'm chuckling again, no sorry, I'm gitwizard......
The reason for the stress is the time I had already taken trying to write a post, and all of a sudden I got a warning message that it might all be lost.
If you read it, that's the reason why it's not finished.

70steen said...

Ok naughty boy school ... yes DP & GW step forward .... come on now form an orderly line !!

DP no I do not have eczema on my bottom and yes I bathed on oats (yes it smelled like porridge but it was a Cleopatra moment)
you Souverners should try it

GW .. or 'chuckling' as you may now be known.. never fear all is not lost and you must keep trying

so to you both 100 lines ' I must not dis 70steen when she is doing product testing, embrace her word as she has spaken'

ok off you go!

Anonymous said...

have you still got "odd" legs?


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I did my lines but your dog ate them .... I hope you believe me ....

gitwizard said...

I'll explain about the misunderstanding later, but can someone visit me and either praise or slag,my post, I just want to hear some critical appraisal?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are you doing a 'bingo thang' young 70's? Only asking because you done do these review things much better than me and I thought I'd copy yours - tee hee

70steen said...

NM ~ I have just checked my legs and they are even now lol ;-)

70steen said...

GW ~ I did dun and visited ... nice tale of spookiness ... particularly the fact those two were allowed to marry

70steen said...

mmm DP ~ I shall have to cover up my answers ... I bet you were like this at school ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I once got 4% in a Latin examination - I'd been made to sit on my own ..... and wash my hands and arms *pout*

fracas said...

I have actually bought Aveeno. It's wonderful to calm itching when a child has the chicken pox.

As for eczema though, the best product ever... is the Rocky Mountain Soap Company (Alberta, Canada) pumpkin soap with the body bar afterwards. DD's old BF had eczema that even prescription meds wouldn't calm, and the RM stuff got rid off it!

We canucks are good for something I guess... even if product testing isn't one of them. (No one seems to want anything tested by Canadians... sob sob sob...)

Crofty said...

I know I got here late, but thank goodness I'm not the only one who was thoroughly distracted by all this reference to smooth skin, legs and bathing - and my favourite of all - porridge!

Phew, I'm off for a lie down.

70steen said...

Dear Frac .... I wish I had known that when Teen as young'un got chicken pox... we use calamine lotion here and she used to run off at the sight of the bottle ... Pumpkin soap ? I have never ever heard of it over here ... no matter what some say (and you know who he is) you canucks in my book are bloody marvelous ;-)

70steen said...

Cofty Hi .... mmm I reckon it was a bit much to mix some of your favourite things ... gosh I had a Sound of Music moment then ... I will have to lie down too after that lol :-)

fracas said...

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company (located in Canmore, Alberta and has a store in the West Edmonton Mall) has a website people can order from. I get nothing from sending people to them but I do it anyway because since I found their stuff I don't use anything else. It's like miracle stuff... honest.

They make the stuff I talked about.

I use it 'cause I get migraines from most perfumes and it's all natural... and it was the first store full of soaps and stuff that I could actually shop in and not get a headache. So I bought the eczema stuff for dd's bf and it worked. I then went and bought all kinds of stuff for me. The foot butter is like a miracle for dry feet, and now I'm hooked on lots of other stuff. They have stuff for getting rid of headaches, colds, etc. and the soaps are just ducky! Mr. Frac got me all kinds of stuff for Christmas...

Totally the best stuff I've ever used.

But lol on your poor teen. My dd had chicken pox when she was only about 4 1/2 (older brother brought it home from school... her fate was sealed) and she was the same... girls have such trouble with the blisters in certain places... I felt so badly for her. She spent a lot of time in those aveeno baths because otherwise she was running from the calamine monster-mom.