Saturday, 9 August 2008

Holiday interlude 2

Today I am on a train to London ... then London to Paris .. then Paris to Madrid.

glorious :-)

I' I am so excited I could wet myself'


Daddy Papersurfer said...

A knitting pattern and a vision of you wringing out your gusset on a train ...... oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Annie Mouse said...

i just love that one DP, i am sure my mum knitted that one for one of my brothers. The child must of had to walk around straight legged all day, as it would of gone all baggy at the knees.

can you imagine the photographer, talking to this 3 year old child, "is there something you don't understand DO NOT BEND YOUR KNEES"

yuk, i've just read what you have typed properly.

i wonder where she is now, still on her way to london i expect. i may wet myself too as i am so excited for her...

diane said...

Oh dear not an image I want in my head (the little boy and the thought of your excitedness) :)

Anonymous said...

i know, i'm sorry, diane.

But the good news is i too will be off on my hols in about 2 hours time.

Anonymous said...

bet you're having a great time!

RennyBA said...

What a great round trip in Europe - have a good one!

Btw: Here from Diane's - congrats with your award. I got it too - an honour to be listed among yours!

Bill Blunt said...

Say hello to Madrid for me, 70s! And take it easy on the anis... or then again, maybe don't!

Anonymous said...

My today's post is something on pee-pee. I should be able to upload it before day ends. :p

70steen said...

just taking a break from the sunshine... phew 'tis hot
DP~Thank you for drawing attention to my gusset .... I knew I could rely on you tsk!!
Annie ~ hope the weather is good and you have managed to resist the urge to kill 3 out of the 4 in your family (but there again lol)

Diane~ I can only apologise for DP ... that is what most people do I believe

NM ~ it is fabby... such good food, company and weather.

RennyBA ~ thank you and welcome to 70s :-)

Bill ~ have found the best sherry bar ever you would love it .. real Bill territory. Off to Casa Mingo later apparently it is a fav of my host! :-)

SB ~ will pop by and catch up when I can :-)