Sunday, 31 August 2008

31st August 1979

omg she is knitted from head to foot!!!

Friday 31
Worked 10.00 - 6.00 = quite busy
Fi came round
Looked at holiday photos (got back off holiday on the 11th.. oh the days when you had to wait for your holiday snaps to be developed)

Sam phoned at 11.30
He had been to the Woolpack

Gawd I can't imagine that it is 1st September tomorrow!!

Had a loverly day out with my mate.
Walked and walked around Liverpool, Matthew Street (home of the Beatles Cavern), past the Hard Days Night Hotel, down to the new Liverpool One shopping area watched a bit of the International Fireman's Games (I would have been happy to have stayed there all day lol ), a fabulous tour in the Maritime Museum about the 800 year old history of Liverpool etc

It was great to catch up.

I was up at silly o'clock this morning ... and it is Sunday .. BIG TSK!!

To kill time before I went to catch my train I actually surfed through the zillions of channels we have on cable.... I never knew we had so many?

I watched a bizarre Maury Show about 'totally opposites - but in love'

OMG is this for real... small people with very tall people? Old people with very young people (& I mean very old in thier 80's and very young in their 20s... old women & men with young women & men!!)? Fat and thin (I mean very fat and very thin) ??
Gosh I have lived a sheltered life ... thank god

(not for the faint hearted !)

Thankfully after that was this ..... The Golden Girls
It is not 70s more like 80s to 90s..... but it made me laugh then and it made me belly laugh this morning.

The clip I saw this morning featured a bit where they were talking about 'the change'

Dorothy was talking about how great it was ... no more PMS, no more mood swings etc etc .. then Sophia spouts up ..'yes but next morning you wake up with a beard and look like Yasser Arafat'.... classic comedy


Daddy Papersurfer said...

For some reason I've just remembered that the Sultan's Elephant is coming to Liverpool at the end of this week. I hope you're going to see it and take LOADS of pictures ...... no pressure

Drowsey Monkey said...

That is a lot of yarn for that woman to be in! lol

I love the Golden Girls! We need some more good TV like that.

Annie Mouse said...

some of those firemen where lovely. I saw the italian ones on friday, they know how to wear a pair of shorts, not like some of the men on our shores, some of our men in shorts are quite frightening.

70steen said...

oh yes La Machine is on this weekend coming. I am going Saturday. Can't wait

70steen said...

DM ~ can you imagine how itchy thousers trousers would be plus they would 'bag' badly at the knees and bottom lol

I quite agree we need more belly laugh comedy like the GG :-)

70steen said...

Annie ~I know how gorgeous there is just such a flair with continental chaps in shorts ...mmm yum

Anonymous said...

I always wonder if those people who appear on Maury's show are for real. what do you think?

Annie Mouse said...

i know what you mean though nursemyra, why would you humiliate yourself on telly in front of millions of people. But sadly people do just that.

The Rev. said...

Happy September!

Speaking of "large" people, I spent two hours last night watching specials on "The World's Heaviest Man," followed shortly by "Big as Life." I have what many refer to as an obsession with the super obese (shrug).

70steen said...

NM & Annie ~ I wonder if they are for real (not that I have seen many of the shows) ... I was brought up 'never to wash your dirty linen in public'
I am amazed at the ones I have seen & think 'do you have no shame' I guess they don't and only want their moment of 'fame'........ weird or what???

70steen said...

Happy September Rev :-)

Not sure what to say about your obsession? Only that the TV companies have identified that this is somehow good viewing..... I am aghast at the state some people get themselves in, I can only think it is a psychological illness like other mental illnesses also some are medical. I have packed a few extra pounds I would not rather have but could never see me getting to 50 odd stone and not being able to move .... it is so sad for those people

Anonymous said...

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70steen said...

Dear Spam ~ your assignment must be crap if you are asking my advice ...