Sunday, 3 August 2008

3rd & 4th August 1979

Friday 3
Went to Timy Supermarche
Posted Sam's letter

Went to a little beach in la Tranche
Went to Salle de Jeux

Bought a huge candy floss

Saturday 4
Stayed on the beach all day
ent to Sables d'oinne in the evening (I reckon it was Sables d'olonne)
Had a crepe
& bier
Bought a ring = dead good

today Daddy Papersurfer did his impression of this work of art ' Toilet of Venus' by Diego VELÁZQUEZ, which I have called his version 'In Loo of DP'

I am still disturbed that the reflection from the obvious female body reveals the image of DP!!! A thing nightmares are made of!!!

The knitting pattern tonight was taken in a public loo (it must be!) so it is entitled 'Toilet of Knitting'

Oh come on why would you choose a bathroom for a knitting pattern??

A couple of days ago the lovely Nurse Myra posted a blog about being buried alive 'are we dead yet?'. I must admit this hit a cord with 70s as I was incarcerated once as a child when my brothers & a cousin dug a hole, lined it with what ever they could find and told me it would be fun if I got in there !!! (Boys tsk!!)
It got me to thinking about my life in Ainsdale. The garden we enjoyed was HUGE. It had 4 lawns (as it was known as)
1st lawn was a no play area lawn with the roses around the edges my father planted (he loved his roses and plants)
2nd lawn was where the swing was fixed and general play area (you could only play football and cricket there)
3rd lawn was actually the compost heap and veg garden
& the 4th lawn was a massive sand pit (the garden was a sandhill at one time)

This was me C1965 on the first lawn

And this C1968 after they had buried me and I had a stone ready to throw!! How evil do I look??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Don't worry, I was wearing a tutu as well ....... with no under crackers to answer your question - tee hee

[Love the B&W piccy - you all look so innocent and evil at the same time]

A 4 lawn family! ....... so posh

Anonymous said...

I love those photos of you as a little girl - SO cute!

I grew up in a house with four lawns too, the two at the back were for playing, the two at the front were to impress the neighbours :-)

Anonymous said...

No doubt I got so confused at DP’s blog yesterday. It was a female body but the reflection in mirror was of DP.:p You look cute. Four lawns is grand, we have only one, and that too my mom gives us stares when we walk on her nicely mown grass.

Btw the font in your post looks nice.

diane said...

4 lawns! No doubt loving all the rain! Will it ever stop?
The pic of you in the tutu in SO sweet - what a cutie!
Unlike DP. The more I hear (or see) of him the more scary he becomes.....

70steen said...

hee hee DP that darned image is now ground into my brain for ever .......

It was very posh were we lived ... and we were a scouse family, it didn't go down to well with some neighbours!!

70steen said...

NM ~ 2 front lawns now that is posh :-)

70steen said...

SB ~ on that photo it looks like the 1st lawn could do with a good cut!! We used to have to do it as kids after dad died... I so hated the push mower it was so difficult to use.
I guess parents are alike the world over... I got rid of my lawn a couple of years ago

I think the font is verdena italic!

70steen said...

Ih Diane ~ how dreadful is the weather... can't wait to skip over to Madrid on Saturday... if it is raining there I will scream and stomp my feet big style

{{ yes the more you discover about DP the more disturbing it gets lol}}

catscratch said...

DP has a nice butt :)

And you were absolutely adorabe!

The Rev. said...

I love the black & white shot! Hoping you didn't clock someone in the head with that stone, though...

That DP....always popping up in the weirdest places!

Annie Mouse said...

that pointed toe is very good.

get rid of the oenguins or someone won't come down and tidy someones loft.

70steen said...

catscratch it is amazing what a pencil can do lol
& thank you :-)

70steen said...

Rev ~ I am a keen shot so I suspect I was pretty much on target... serves them right for burying me alive up there ;-)

Yep ... you NEVER know where the daemon DP will pop up on your guard ...

70steen said...

I did get a distinction for my ballet... despite landing like an elephant lol

get rid of the 'oenguins'? what are you on about ;-)