Saturday, 23 August 2008

23rd August 1979

ok this is 'Stepford Wives'?, 'goddesses planning' or me, Sylvie & Frac' ?? lol

Thursday 23
Worked 10.00 - 6.15
It rained from 10 - 3.30
Not busy at all
Spent most of the day doing a jigsaw (ah those were the days when I got paid for doing very little)

Well the Olympics is drawing to a close. I must say I love the event, always have done.
I was a keen athlete in my teens, I trained hard and won awards for the 100 meters, 80 meters hurdles and long jump. I was selected to have trials to run for Lancashire but unfortunately my back 'went'... C5/C6 spinal prolapsed disc and that was the end of it all!! hey ho!

Have still to watch the opening ceremony at Beijing as it was on the day before I went on my holidays... managed to catch a few bits whilst in Spain (Gymnastics, canoe slalom, diving) and this morning I vegged and watched Degale win the gold in boxing, the mens and womens 4 x 400 meters relay etc ... great stuff albeit a bit of a scrappy fight for Degale!

In my life span there have been 12 Olympics.
1964 ~ Tokyo
1968 ~ Mexico
1972 ~ Munich
1976 ~ Montreal/Quebec
1980 ~ Moscow
1984 ~ Los Angeles
1988 ~ Seoul
1992 ~ Barcelona
1996 ~ Atlanta
2000 ~ Sydney
2004 ~ Athens
2008 ~ Beijing

I recall Mexico, Munich (I remember the TV footage as the tragedy unfolded there), Moscow, Seoul, Sydney and Athens. Strange that some I have no memory of? I think I had other pressing stuff going on in my life then.

Strangely enough, I was hunting for some buttons this morning and I came across this. A rubber (or eraser) from 1980 - Mishca the Russian bear.. he has not worn well in fact he has been almost erased!

It then got me hunting for another Olympic souvenir I have. From Seoul in 1988. I fellow buyer had gone to Korea during the Olympics on a buying trip and brought me back a spoon lol!! I had some more spoons but I gave them to my cousin who jets off to all the Olympics and is Beijing just now.

Finally my first Olympics. 1964. I have a recording of me aged 2 years old singing the theme tune to this event... Good Morning Tokyo. I must try and to covert it on the web. If you stick with this clip you will hear some music..... 2.25 in & imagine 'good morning Tokyo la de dar de dar de dar' sang by a 2 year old :-D


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Are those sweaters knitted out of camel hair?

Just wondering.........
'cuz they each have a couple of humps in 'em. ;)

(Sorry, very old, very terrible joke...)

70steen said...

They are certainly not dromedary that is for sure !! Most definitely Bactrian or is that Bra..ctrian... non the less if I was a male of any species I would be afraid!!!!

Drowsey Monkey said...

lol@olga ... I've actually never heard that joke, lol.

Those women are very stepford-ish. Or it's like they're all sneaky. Like a sneaky robot maybe.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If you were a male of any species I'd be absolutely bloody terrified!!!!

Barcelona still stands out for me when they re-wrote the book on opening ceremonies - fantastic [literally].

...... and if that really is the coven I have no fears - I'm sure I could unravel their secrets - tee hee

Anonymous said...

I have never been into sports mush, all I have done till date is paint and paint more. :p this time I watched a bit of Olympics because India created some history in fetching 3 medals for the first time otherwise I somehow don't like them. Btw I like the eraser, it used to be fun collecting such cute stuff back in school.:)

Annie Mouse said...

are you and DP on the same brain wave as both talking about stepford wives today.

Anonymous said...

the only olympics I've watched is the synchronised swimming. the spanish team was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I bet Dp stole that stepford thing from 70steen. Either that, or she made notes and he "dropped them on the floor" in hopes that she'd have to pick them up for him. In the process, he must've read them a bit.

Yeah.. that sounds like it could've happened.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Perhaps I discovered something whilst fossicking .........

sylvied said...

totally out of topics here forgive me, I went to see Mama Mia the other day and I could not help but think of you 70 :)
Are you organizing a knitting wear party soon? That would be interesting...I will play along and wear any pattern you wish :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There must be a one piece swimming costume pattern that'll shrink when wet ........ it's OK, I'll wait ....... *drums fingers*

70steen said...

DM ~ yes they just have 'that certain look about them'... very robotic :-)

70steen said...

hee hee DP you are soooo cheeky ;-P

You know the only thing I can recall about Barcelona is the song ... how weird ??

unravel... knitting ... very funny (for you) *snigger*

70steen said...

Yep it is great when you are at school collecting pens and rubbers etc. I have just seen my teen go through that stage but heres included key rings... she accumulated hundreds . They are now in a box in the loft

70steen said...

Annie ~ wash your mouth out TSK!!!

70steen said...

NM ~ wasn't it just soooo fantastic :-)

70steen said...

Frac~ he must have been snooping around again ... I refuse to believe that I am now thinking like DP .... heaven forbid that has happened to me ... eeek!!

70steen said...

Sylvie ~ isn't Mama Mia fabulous. I saw it in Spain ... in fact I think I may post about it tonight :-)

ooo a knitting pattern party .. I could put patterns to bloggers ... mmm interesting (I am trying to conjure up a Fanzine )

70steen said...

DP ~ don't you realise that knitted swimming costumes sag when wet... I suppose it has the same effect though lol

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen! wow, you have been following the olympics ever since? and you were an athlete before? that's so cool! i am not that athletic but i was once a volleyball school player for two years. and that was it! even tho' i dont have the height, but luckily i was in! :)

good to see that you are back, safe and sound!! *twirl*

70steen said...

WB to 70s B4by :-)
I was a keen athlete back then I would have so loved to run in the Olympics alas it never happened.
Think I may volunteer for London 2012 though!
tried to persuade my teen to take part and take up the Olympic Initiative but alas again she has her fathers genes