Friday, 22 August 2008

22nd August 1979

Wednesday 22
Worked 10.00 - 6.15
£26.00 wages
Owed cafe owners £10 (must have had a 'sub')
Not really that busy
Ironed & washed my hair (Huh? I ironed my hair lol )
& had a bath

Phoned Sam but he wa
sn't in
he phoned back later
A lot of noise in the background i.e. his next door neighbour

Blogs are a funny old medium. It puts you in touch with the world and is a release for whatever creativity you may have. Telling folk about 'blog' is always interesting.
There is my mother aged 77. I have not even begun to describe blogsphere to her I just tell her my 'penpal' description ... as in I do stuff on the internet (she realises there is this wonderful instant thing that can tell you anything you need to know at a touch of a button. I often look up stuff she is wondering about as I am chatting on the phone) and I have people in loads of countries I am in contact with.
She has met Olga and refers to her as 'the Californian bra'.

My daughter says 'why do you get weird stuff delivered?' when I win competitions on FMB and 'who is Daddypapersurfer?' .. I ask that myself many times lol and 'get MySpace Mum is is so cool' ermm I don't think so I have Facebook and can't keep up with that!!
My friends know I blog and 2 have set their own up and the others including 'Sam' on here pop in and read but don't comment but do e mail and call me to say they are popping in and laugh about it (that is laugh with me not at me btw lol). My niece, however, who I have talked about in my 70s diaries (she is 34 now) has taken on the task to keep her eyes open for anything 70s in charity shops and the like. When she house sat for me when I was in Madrid she left a 1979 Action Man Annual, how cool is she.

It sooo amused me. Just check out the differences in boys and girls annuals. I don't have a girls 1979 annual so used the year before 'Ja
ckie 1978'
I randomly picked page 14

then page 58... bugger, drat and double drat! could have made my fortune and wrote 'Venus and Mars',,,,,,

gawd I almost forgot............. the knitting pattern ...


Daddy Papersurfer said...

There I was scrolling down your post [you couldn't really say that to a bloke could you] thinking "At last, no knitting pattern. She's listened to my pleas and given me a day off - bless" when there it was! - tacked on the end like a cruel twist of fate ...... oh well.

Anonymous said...

Blogosphere is one of the most wonderful places I have discovered so far. Although I have not been able to find anyone of my age yet but It hardly makes any difference to me.As it is I am an ancient 24 year old as DP

I think we should have a global post on 'Who is Daddy Papersurfer?' Haha! and I am going to steal all the pictures from his blog. As it it these days some interesting pictures are coming across.

btw some has written a letter to you on my blog.:p

Anonymous said...

hate to say it but the boy's annual looks more interesting than the girl's....

Grrreat knitting pattern :-)

Annie Mouse said...

when is the next fanzine out for DP?

70steen said...

hee hee DP I am such a minx ;-)

70steen said...

SB ~I am sure there must be young 20 somethings floating around blogsphere.... they probably don't hang out with us more mature bloggers hee hee ... glad that you have chosen to though.

who is Daddy P? I think that maybe the title of the next fanzine lol

Hope the young chap likes my reply... what a cutie letter he wrote :-)

70steen said...

NM~ the boys annual is certainly a mile r so away from the girlie annual ... when I flicked through it, it is all about weapons and fighting.. I wonder if the Action Man annual is still like that today

I am so glad you like the patterns hee hee

70steen said...

Annie ~ maybe we could work on it when you are over this week.... as SB said there certainly are a few good photos to work on lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh... totally love the "who is daddy papersurfer" idea.

Though I now know he's my brother-in-law, I still can't figure out "who" he is.