Tuesday, 19 August 2008

8th - 19th August 1979

I have some catching up to do after being away .. not only my diaries but the knitting patterns too.
I know many of you long to see my collection of fine knitwear ideas lol
So here goes ...........

How interesting could a map be.. DP are you stalking me??
Wednesday 8
Walked round La Tranche in the morning
Sun bathed all afternoon = not very hot

Stayed in all night

Friday 8th 2008
Day off work
Cleaned hous
Packed and unpacked ... packed again
Niece and kids arrived
Ran through essentials in
the house
How to use oven, microwave, grill, central heating, shower
the cats and dog twice a day etc etc
Made great nephew cheese spread butties
('Aunty 70s can I have a cheese butty' please !)
Set great niece on cutting and sticking im
ages on a funky box to keep her make up in
Played table football
with G nephew I won .. he is 7 years old !!
he offered to compete with me a PS2 game .. I declined
(how awful am I) Ordered taxi for 7.15 am
s of wine and bed

did no one tell her to take her rollers out before a photo shoot?
Thursday 9
It rained this morning
The Parkers a
rrived (friends of Fi's parents)
Went to Timy & the beach

Went to Campbells for a drink = good laugh

Saturday 9th 2008
Set off to Madrid .. on the train .. Manchester/London Euston/ London St. Pancras/Paris Gare de Nord/ Metro to Gare de Austerlitz/Madrid........... (I am not going to tell all here as it will be a future post & it would make this post far to long)

Friday 10
Got up at 8.00 Tidied up & packed (what again!)
Journey thru' France felt very quick
Had an excellent meal in Cherbourg

Went to Arronmanche & Bayeux

Saw the 'beaches'
(WW2 beaches & Operation Overlord where my Uncle fought and survived)
Got on the boat a
t 12.00 midnight

no surely would any man wear this .. straight or gay?

Saturday 11
Come home
Woke up at 4.30am

Got off boat at 6.00 am

Went to Fi's Aunties in Bognor Regis
Journey through Britain = horrible
Traffic Jams everywhere (nothing changes 30 years on)

Met Sam at 7.00

Went to Formby
Didn't realise how much I had missed him (OMG I hit home and instantly went out .. mmm? my teen is back on Saturday after being away 3 weeks and then going out with her boyfriend for a meal in the evening... nothing changes!!)

'I will swap what ever you have in your hand for this pipe'
Sunday 12
Got up at 10.30
Went to town
£10.00 wages
Me & Sam went for a walk in the sand dunes all afternoon
he left at 8.00
Phoned Fi

Brother is back from Knebworth

who would have thought of putting lime green with that??
Monday 13
Worked 10.00 - 6.15
Corinna phoned but I was at work (Corinna was my German pen friend.. I guess my Mum would have freaked as she speaks no German)
It poured down at 3.00 and continued until we closed ( we have always had rubbish weather in the summer up North!)

e Sam and we had a good natter
One of the girls in work got engaged
Love Sam

my shoes are 2 sizes larger to accommodate the socks!
Tuesday 14
Worked 10.00 - 6.00
Weather = horrible
Had about 30 customers all day
Sewed all night (oo I wonder what I was making?)

Brothers girlfriend came round
Phoned Sam

I am trying these teeth out for a friend!
Wednesday 15 (20 months) (the amount of time I had been dating Sam) worked 10.00 - 6.55
Busy afternoon
Sam's granny came to see me at work

Fi came round in evening
Phoned Sam but he w
as out
He phoned back seems there is trouble at his house!

I have a 'bum chin' but am rugged!
Thursday 16
Worked 10.00 - 6.20
It rained nearly all day

Stan's 19th birthday

Sam phoned at 10.00 pm cos he was going for a drink

Packed etc

who ever imagined to put orange with my hair??
Friday 17
My older brother came home (I guess it would be from Saudia Arabia)
Worked 10.00 - 4.00

Not very busy

Go to Sam's
Got to Stafford at 6.05
Went to Tillington Hall & the Showground = rubbish

Sat in Dave's van (??)

Home at 1.00 am

excited twins!!
Saturday 18
Got up at 11.00
Watched Sam play football

They lost 7-3 = funny

Went to Props Wine bar and Cinderellas = all drunk

Home at 2.00 am

how pervy do I look??? 'wanna look under my mag???'
Sunday 19
Up at 9.45 (how do you do that after a load of beer and 2.00 am to bed .. oh yes I was 17!!)
Went to Donnington Park Formula 2 = ok

Went to Woolpack & Saracen's Head

Watched 'Samurai'

Bed at 1.00
Really shattered (gosh really???)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Next time I'm going to bring some dynamite and petrol and matches and firewood and boyscouts and between us those knitting patterns will DIE!!!!!

70steen said...

just remember I have this ,, he who instructable

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Don't worry DP...I think it's safe to say those knitting patterns died a long time ago!!! Love your captions 70's! HAHAHAHA! You have me in STITCHES! :)

Annie Mouse said...

have you told DP about the millions of sewing patterns you have as well......

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Where are my sedatives? .......WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!!!!!!!!



Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ouch ....

Anonymous said...

*giggles* DP are you alright? The shoe picture caption as classic. And her shoes still look tight, I doubt if she would be able to walk in those.

You have a hectic...very hectic life 7os.

Al Walling said...

nyze :)

Annie Mouse said...

i am going to stay at 70's place next week if you pay me enough DP i will burn them while i am there....if truth be told its my fault they ever happened. she was just about the walk out of the charity shop she was to buy them in when i said, "have you seen these". then 50 minutes waiting for her to get her head out of the boxes they were in. so i guess it is up to me to get into the house and burn them.

Annie Mouse said...

i have a great idea 70's you get the wool i will knit them and them you can send them as they are done onto DP. i think the waistcoat one but not in blue but in mustard, i think he likes that colour best.

then the mustard leggings child outfit but in a adult size it would be better than them boiler suits he seems to like wearing.

Annie Mouse said...

sorry did i say all that out loud..oh well never mind.

Anonymous said...

great knitting patterns :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

OK Annie - FOCUS! - burn them, burn them all ............ and then blame the puppy ....

70steen said...

Annie I do not have millions of sewing patterns ... tsk If I have told you once I have told you a thousand times ... don't exaggerate lol :-)

70steen said...

DP are you ok ?? Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you tripped over the knitting patterns .... & they do not burn, don't you know anything??? Tsk!!

70steen said...

Olga ~ hee hee 'stitches' lol

70steen said...

SB ~ you are right I do have a hectic life .... took a 9-5 job last year and still it is hectic ... hey ho, it keeps me out of mischief... just!! ;-)

70steen said...

al W ~ welcome .... nice spelling, you will feel at home here :-)

Annie Mouse said...

that puppy is over a year old now, i was looking at pictures of her with her mum, (not you 70's) today on my computer. bless. But good idea about the doggy as she loves devouring paper......

70steen said...

aw I had forgotten about that photo :-)
She maybe a paper shreader but is rubbish with a box of matches hee hee

Annie Mouse said...

i could help her while i'm there...i am after all her evil aunty jack

70steen said...

NM ~ I am so glad you share my appreciation for this fine collection.. we are the chosen few I can tell you ;-)

70steen said...

Annie M ~ all matches etc will be hidden during your visit and a trip is arranged to 'the shop' where all magical patterns can be found......

Annie Mouse said...

DP- help me she is taking me back to the pattern shop to buy more, what should i do.

just coz i don't smoke anymore, doesn't mean that i haven't got a spare lighter hanging around.

oh yer are you taking the MP4 player back, coz it....hang on what is the words....won't work its faulty.lol:)

70steen said...

hee hee Annie... DP can't help you as he doesn't travel Norff of the M25...

The MP3/4 is fine it has served me well on my travels so you are spared the QVC shop for returns ... however! I may need to see what bargains they have [E L]