Friday, 1 August 2008

31st July & 1st August 1979

Tuesday 31
Went to Cognac
Visited Hennessy &

Got 2 free samples
Bought Sam's mum & dad some minatures

Went to La Rochelle for a meal = really nice

Wednesday 1
Went to Mothe Achard

It rained and rained
Disco =
Creepy French bloke tried to chat me up

Got back to Camping des Dunes at 11.30 (ah!! so that is where we stayed...
Camping Les Dunes )
It was pouring it down

Have been surfing to see what I can find about France in 1979... firstly this Lee Cooper Advert ... I likey :-)

France's Eurovision Song Contest Song ~ je suis l'enfant soleil

A French family preparing and eating a meal on Super 8 cine film

Oh and this bit of bad surfing at la Tranche in 2005 hee hee


Daddy Papersurfer said...

"Went to La Rochelle for a meal = really nice" - the meal or La Rochelle? - 'someone who shall not be named' will want to know - and she can be really scary ........

Anonymous said...

you look older in that photo than you do now, how the hell do you manage it the mild green fairy liquid? Are you still using it?

70steen said...

DP ~ I am sure you are right when you are a pea brain but us goddesses stick together.. you may have noticed once or twice lol

Of course I am referring to the lovely place and food

70steen said...

oo Annie you are too kind..... close up though it is not the case, have seen some awful wrinkles starting to appear ... maybe that is the clue ... use Fairy Liquid on my face now lol

Annie Mouse said...

don't forget i am one of your best mates and i have seen you close up and i hate you coz it is the case you are younger now than then.

70steen said...

hee hee I think you should wear your glasses more ;-)

Annie Mouse said...

cheeky cow. i say something nice and what do i get back........

70steen said...

mwah! xx