Saturday, 28 February 2009

28th February 1980

Thursday 28
am. Food and Nutrition
pm. Business Studies
F & N - Social Services wasn't too bad
Business Studies = really difficult
couldn't do it - left after 1 1/2 hour (ermm hardly surprising as I skived most of the lectures)
Bumped into Mike at lunchtime
Went for a game of pool at the Coronation (great A'level exam prep.. not!!)
Fi's gone to her grandma's birthday party
Sam phoned at 8.30 & 11.30
First time he was happy , the latter he wasn't !!!
Revised from 8 - 9.30 pm
Loving these translations from Japanese to English

Thursday, 26 February 2009

25th, 26th & 27th February 1980

Monday 25
am. Sociology 9 - 12 room 43 (OMG a real exam)
The exam was quite easy it was just that I didn't know enough of the work
Did essay 1 quite well
& the next 2 not so well
Should have done 4 (just to let you know I did pass it!)
Bought 'Mary of the 4th Form' Boomtown Rats

Home at 1.00
Revised from 2 -4
Sam phoned at 3 & at 9
He seemed in a better mood
Revised from 6 - 7 & 8 - 9'45
Couldn't fit any more in
Played darts with my brother
Bed at 10.45

Tuesday 26
am. Business Studies 10 am room 32
pm. Food and Nutrition room 201
Business Studies = quite a reasonable exam
Cookery = terrible = struggled all the way through it
Got home at 5.30
Had a bath
Did a bit of revision on National Insurance
Phoned Sam at 11.00
But he wasn't back from seeing Wolves (1) v Liverpool (0) (What Wolverhampton Wanders beat the mighty Liverpool???)
He phoned back at 11.30
he said he had bought me the 12" Whispers 'The Beat Goes On' & @ I don't like Mondays' Boomtown Rats
I do love him quite a bit when he is in a good mood [70s lol]
Classic 80s disco .... get your toe tapping

Wednesday 27
was woken this morning by Anne B at 9.30
Went to Tech (college) for 1 hour to get a book on Social Services
Revised 2 - 4
Sam rang at 1.45
Revised 6 - 7
Watched TV til 8pm
Fi came round
We revised til 9.30
Sam phoned at 7.15 from work as he was doing overtime
I phoned him back at 10.30
Fi stayed over
Bed at 11.00

Well it is Friday again oh and pay day :-) I have been off today and in fact I am now on leave until the 9th March yipeeee. I am in need of the break, I have been working pretty much full on these last few weeks.

My brother sent me these photos on an email last night..... I figure I shouldn't really complain about my job after seeing these.......

Mind you riding around dressed as a chicken looks fun lol

As it is Friday and pay day that means one thing .... T-Shirt Friday over at dear Nurse Myras place ... she has opted for a very fetching disco vest t-shirt and as ever she looks stunning.
I do love this t-shirt, I bought it last year for a fiver from Westworld in the sale... its a Bench too which I thought was a bargain plus the fact it has a 70s Chopper bike on it

Monday, 23 February 2009

22nd, 23rd & 24th February 1980

Friday 22
I got 2 interview dates today
Marks & Spencer - 4th March at 3.00pm
Midland bank - 5th March at 11.00pm
Got a postcard off Sam's grandparents
Had my hair permed at 9.00
It looks ok but a bit dry though
It cost £1.00 (OMG what did I expect for £1... must have had it done at the hairdressing scholl at college.. very brave)
Sam rang at 3.00
Said his Mum had left home
I hope she hasn't
Haven't heard from him since
Revised 'Sub-culture' and 'Sociology as a Science'

Saturday 23
Worked 9 -6 as usual
Was in London Street shop for quite a bit of the morning
We were quite busy in the afternoon
Phone Sam at lunch time
He sounded ok
He said he didn't phone last night as I was supposed to have phoned him
He was out anyway (huh?)
Revised a bit of Sociology but was too tired
Fell asleep in the chair!! (don't you just hate it when that happens?)

Sunday 24
Got up at 11.30
Cleaned Basil out (mmm I reckon it was the cage not the bird!!)
Revised from 1.30 - 4.30
Sam phoned at 3pm
He said he didn't ring last night as he thought I would be in bed
Revised 7 -8
Fi came round
We are both in a state of sheer panic
Sam phoned at 8.15
He was being a complete bastard
He wouldn't answer me civilly - it wouldn't hurt!!
He then put the phone down on me !!!!
I can do without that now as I have enough on my plate with an exam tomorrow (humpf men hey!!)
Came to bed at 10.00 & cried (awww!!)

Isn't it annoying when you get a daft song in your mental jukebox... I have got one tonight and I can't think where it has come from? Maybe it was on a TV advert....

So in a bid to cleanse the song from my head I though 'I know I will see what was number one in the UK in February 1980.... I now have another bad song in my head ....thank goodness it isn't 'Agadoo'

Friday, 20 February 2009

20th & 21st February 1980

Wednesday 20
Got up at 10.00
had a bath
Didn't go into college today
Had the intention to revise - well I did do some Business Studies in the afternoon
Wrote to my cousin and Mrs Rowcliffe that owns the cottage (no texts or e mails them days to book your holiday)
Sam phoned at 3.00
Had a pleasant chat
He rang again at 10.00 pm from his 'Gentleman's Night' - 3 strippers on - NAUGHTY!
Bed at 10.40

Thursday 21
Only in college for an hour
Met Fi at 1.00
She came back here for dinner and left at 3.30
Revised cookery all evening
Sam rang at 8.30
he said his mum & dad had had a bad row
Stayed up until 3.45 am to watch Robin Cousins skate in the Olympics at Lake Placid
& he won a gold medal yipeee!
but I am knackered now!!

Wow I had completely forgotten about Robin Cousins and his achievements on ice. It is strange as I only readily remember Torvill & Dean 's perfect 10s.
It would seem he is a judge on Dancing on Ice (yes I am sorry I am not up to date on all of this skating stuff.. I pop my head round to the lounge to watch the skating and pop out again when the results come up). I wonder if Schofe will mention it tomorrow about Robin's success 29 years ago?

Anyway this is Robin in full flow

and this what he has been judging !!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

17th, 18th & 19th February 1980

Sunday 18
Got up at 9.30.
Feeling knackered (not surprising as I went to bed at 'about 2.30 am)
Terrible period pains = yuk ( = TMI gal !!!)
Chris gave us a lift home at 11.00 (oh yes we stayed over at Fi's)
Had dinner then Sam, my brother and I went to the Railway for 1/2 hour
It was a lovely day so Sam & I went for a short walk
Sam left at 5.30
Miss him
Had a bath and washed my hair
Sam phoned at 9.30
He asked me to go on a barge holiday in September = YES!!
Bed at 10.00
Cos I am soooo tired.

Monday 18
College at 9.00
I am still really tired (I thought I was only ever tired as an adult after having a child and working full time etc etc but obviously I have always felt tired lol)
Bought a pair of silly black flat shoes for £2.99
Home at 12.45
Watched TV for a bit
Did cookery all afternoon
Read through education notes
Sam phoned about 3.00
We have got a cottage if we phone up tomorrow
Bro's girlfriend may not be able to go though

Tuesday 19
College 10.00 -3.00
Cookery lecturer is still off
Ann B gave me a lift home in her 'buggy mobile' - Fiat (yes it was a tiny Fiat)
Finished pant suit (go only knows how tragic that would have looked!!)
Revised a lot of Business Studies
Booked holiday cottage in Solway near Carlisle
Have to send £15 deposit
Go 28th June - 5th July
Sam phoned at 10.15
Told him about the holiday etc
Fi rang
Bed at 11.15


Now I do remember this booking of this holiday on the Solway Firth.

We didn't actually go on it as my brother an his g/f broke up so my my Mum and her b/f went instead. I can still recall it was a white washed thatched cottage .. this was way beyond the internet age so I must have been sent a photo..........

latterly I have discovered a postcard that my grandfather sent from Silloth which is a spit away on same coast maybe it was a good decision to make ??

oh p.s. I have suddenly become my mother my teens eyes .. she is watching the 'Brit Awards'. I am popping back in and out to watch the stars on there and am being met with a HUGE 'huff' .... P-L ease tell me I am not seen as the produce of Victorian parentage ... hey I listen to Radio One !!

Monday, 16 February 2009

15th & 16th February 1980

Friday 15 (2 years, 2 months) (the amount of time Sam & I had been going out)
Skived college this morning ( I think one full day a week is sufficient!) (that is so not the attitude on the run up to A'levels!! tsk!!)
Phoned Sam to see what time he was getting here
Got home at 4.30
Played darts with my brother til 6.45
Washed my hair
Sam arrived at 7.20
Went to see the 'Life of Brian' = brilliant
It was bloody funny
Went to the Cheshire Lines Inn afterwards it was very nice

Home at 11.30

Saturday 16
My ex husbands Birthday (of course it doesn't say 'ex husband' in my diary but obviously I can't put his name down)
Woke Sam before I left for work
Worked in Tulketh Street in the morning & London Street all 'avo.
Bought a yellow sweatshirt for £3.99
Sam met me off the train at Ainsdale station
Went to Fi's at 8.00
We went to the Martin - never been there before it was really nice
Stayed at Fi's
Bed at 2.30 am

Aw Monty Python .. just lovin' it
I have always been a Python fan for as long as I can remember & The Life of Brian still makes me giggle. I have been sat in front of the computer sniggering as I surfed You Tube for a clip. There are sooo many classic comedy lines in this film it is hard to pick just one.
Love the line re the Romans 'But apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?'
& Brians Mum ' 'e's not the Messiah, 'e's a very naughty boy!'

If you have never seen it you must ... it may not be very politically correct in parts but it is 30 years old......

Friday, 13 February 2009

10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th February 1980

(I thought this was so funny!!)
Sunday 10
Got up at 10.00am
Went to the Post Office
After dinner Sam & I went for a long walk as it was a beautiful day
Phoned Fi on the way back
Watched Crufts
Went to the Woolpack 7 played darts all evening = good
Came home at 10.45
Watched the film M*A*S*H = excellent
Bed at 12.30

Monday 11
Sam woke me up at 8.30 before he went to work
Got up at 10 am
Played with the Afghan hound

Got bus at 11.45
Sam and I went for a chinese = good
Got on my train at 1.40 - it was 10 minutes late
Sad to leave Sam
Got home at 3.45
Had a bath & washed my hair
Fi rang
Sam rang
Watched a film called 'The Nanny' it was quite good

Tuesday 12
Did a full day today at college (whoopee dee)
Met Trace at lunch time to borrow a pattern for a pair of trousers
Home at 5.30
Watched TV until 7.00
'J' rang
Haven't heard from her since before Chrimbo
It is so good to hear from her (and almost 30 years later we are still best friends) Worked til 10.30
Copied up Business Studies notes and Sociology
Wrote about voluntary organizations for Social Services

Wednesday 13
Got up at 9.45
Letter off ITV - telling me to look for vacancies in the press
In for 1 hour of Business Studies
Bought material to make my pants
Got a Valentine's card off Sam = really sweet
Sam phoned at 3.00
He went to see Ronnie Lane last night
Made Coq au Vin for tea
Nearly finished pants
Did 2 hours studying
Sam phoned at 9.00
Watched French Connection II = not too good

Thursday 14
No additional cards arrived
Went to all my lectures (faint)
Got home at 4.30 pm
Did some more of my pants
Sam didn't phone (ooo naughty, naughty and on St Val's day too ... tut tut )
Bed at 11.20

I am back in the world of the internet ... but only just. Old Boy PC has a new plug in thing which is supposed to be 10x quicker than then the old broadband plug in thing..... I am yet to be convinced!!! Lappytop hooks up to the wireless router but the wireless router is not recognised by the new plug in thing.
I have spent an entirely frustrating day crawling behind the tele and under my computer table whilst on the phone to a call centre somewhere in Asia (one call was 2 hours) .... it is so bloody annoying ... I AM NOT AN INTERNET INSTALLER IAM A FREE WOMAN..... (deep breaths and think kind thoughts!!)

This is a kinda fun website forwarded by my cuz CKX.....

& happy St.Valentines Day too x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

8th & 9th February 1980

Friday 8
Deb's 18th
Did an essay on the family = ok
Debs was in tears cos it was her birthday (huh??)
She was full of self pity and saying everyone hates her - shame!! (I reckon I didn't like her much then??)
Got to Stafford at 5.40 after a lot of hassle with the trains (story of my life !!)
had to change at Crewe
Sam's grandparents were here
Went to the Woolpack
Then went to see 'Dexy's Midnight Runners' at the Poly
(wow I had forgotten I had seen Dexy's... so glad I kept a diary)

Saturday 9
Got up at 11.30
Watched 'Tiswas'
Went into Stafford at 1.45
Just wandered round
Bought a pair of placky (plastic) earrings for 25p
Got back at 4.45
Went to the Woolpack for 8.00
At 10.00 pm 10 of us went up to Bingley Hall to a barn dance = ace
Had a great laugh trying to do the dances
At 1.30 am we decided to go for a drive down the A34 (how random ...but I suppose that is what teens do eeek!!! )
Bed at 2.00
Had a great night

I was sent this today by e mail and how cool is this.
The story goes that this chap in America installed a car wash at his garage. After a while he found that money was going missing from it. He questioned the installer saying that his staff must have keys to it etc...... finally a camera was put up in order to catch the thief.........
note the bird
The bird went in the machine
& came out with the cash
They found the bird did not work alone he had a few pals aiding and abetting him.
The birds were followed and they found $4,000 in loose change on the roof of the car wash.
How excellent is that ...... & how on earth did the birds figure this out???

Friday, 6 February 2009

6th & 7th February 1980

Wednesday 6
Only in college for 1 hour cos of cancelled Social Services (it was was part of my Food and Nutrition A'level.. why? don't ask me?)
Me & Fi came home
She did Mums ironing (what a star... here's hoping my teens mates may do the same in the future)
& I washed my jeans (I think by this stage we had got rid of the Canadian wash tub with mangle attached .. it was a huge contraption that 'wished and washed' from a central massive metal tub which stood about 4ft tall with a mechanical mangle .. I can see it now stood in our kitchen in my minds eye.. the people we bought the house from had lived in Canada for a while and left some gadgets... it was a bit like this but cylindrical & cream .. I think by now we were onto a Hoover twintub)
Sam phoned had quite a pleasant chat
Fi left at 5.00
Cafe owners son has invited me to his 23rd
Revised 'The Family'
Phoned Sam

Thursday 7
Cooked 'Dolmares' this morning.. (mm I think that should be Dolmades) = lovelly !!!!
Sociology lecture is being a bastard to Ann
Had an argument over Ann with Debs and Chez
Fi & I went swimming = great
Skived Buisness Studies
Went to Fi's
Home at 4.45
Bought Sam's Valentines card hee hee!!! (gosh I 'hee hee'd back then too)
Had bath & hair wash
Revised 'The Family ' (How sick I must have been of that subject?)
Well it is a TFIF .. it has been a very cerebral week at work this week where the tiny slushy brain cells have had to make some HUGE decisions which will have HUGE repercussions on some UK businesses... I never imagined back in 1980 I would be in such a responsible job........ oh how the years mould you into something you aren't but have become!!

Thank god I have weekend to 'art'... ahhhh .. head down and getting it done (I have tentatively booked a few days leave in Feb just in case I don't get done what I need to get done by the 3rd March)

I Put a search on You Tube for 7th February 1980 ... and this came up .. Take it like a Man... mmm??? If you can understand any of it please let me know??

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

4th & 5th February 1980

Monday 4
College at 9.00
Had a real 'can't be bothered' day (hey it was a Monday it is allowed! But maybe I didn't realise that yet!!)
Went swimming 11 -12.30
Walked back to college in freezing sleet.
Its a wonder I don't have pneumonia? (born to blog with that dramatic vent!)
Got home at 5.00
Worked all night.. did Business Studies and got all my Sociology together
Went to bed at 10.15 (OMG .. in bed at a reasonable hour and NO mention of Sam that has to be a first!!)

Tuesday 5
College at 10.00
Feel a lot happier today
Skived cookery as it was only a demo on sauces (lol, yes who needs to know about how to make sauces when there is 'Home Pride cook in sauces' I could obviously see the future beyond making a rue!)
Did a test in Business Studies
Got home @ 3.45
Sam rang @ 4.45
Spoke to him til 5pm
He hasn't rung back
Fi rang
Phoned Bev but she was out
Revised 'The Family' (no it wasn't this )
Watched T.V.
as you know this is the Snoopy Diary from 1980. Daily, Snoopy and his mates feature on each page .. unfortunately my scanner/ printer/Fax (3 in 1) is not behaving.
I just love this statement from Snoopy on the 4th Feb

'Every night I have my supper in my red dish and my drinking water in my yellow dish ... tonight I'll have it just the opposite..... Life is too short not to live a little '
How brilliant lol

On the 4th February 1980 saw the first episode of 'Take the High Road' . It was a kinda Scottish Coronation Street/ Emmerdale Farm /Crossroads where you lived the characters and all was set in a fictional Scottish village. I can't believe it ran up until 2003 ... but I must confess I was addicted to it in the 80s and caught glimpses of it in the 90s.
It had a village shop (for local people, the feeling that outsiders were simply not welcome into the small close-knit community.. I wonder if this where 'A League of Gentlemen' got their idea from??) .. a lady laird and so on.
Superb viewing with Isabel (my g grandmothers name who was from Scotland) and a Moira

Talking of 'soaps' I am seriously thinking of keeping a soap star diary.. near enough on a daily basis I pass Coronation Street stars ambling by .. yesterday I saw 'Lloyd' with 'Steve Mcdonald'.. I have also seen 'Fiz', 'Maria' etc (note to self.... mmm get a life lol)