Friday, 13 February 2009

10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th February 1980

(I thought this was so funny!!)
Sunday 10
Got up at 10.00am
Went to the Post Office
After dinner Sam & I went for a long walk as it was a beautiful day
Phoned Fi on the way back
Watched Crufts
Went to the Woolpack 7 played darts all evening = good
Came home at 10.45
Watched the film M*A*S*H = excellent
Bed at 12.30

Monday 11
Sam woke me up at 8.30 before he went to work
Got up at 10 am
Played with the Afghan hound

Got bus at 11.45
Sam and I went for a chinese = good
Got on my train at 1.40 - it was 10 minutes late
Sad to leave Sam
Got home at 3.45
Had a bath & washed my hair
Fi rang
Sam rang
Watched a film called 'The Nanny' it was quite good

Tuesday 12
Did a full day today at college (whoopee dee)
Met Trace at lunch time to borrow a pattern for a pair of trousers
Home at 5.30
Watched TV until 7.00
'J' rang
Haven't heard from her since before Chrimbo
It is so good to hear from her (and almost 30 years later we are still best friends) Worked til 10.30
Copied up Business Studies notes and Sociology
Wrote about voluntary organizations for Social Services

Wednesday 13
Got up at 9.45
Letter off ITV - telling me to look for vacancies in the press
In for 1 hour of Business Studies
Bought material to make my pants
Got a Valentine's card off Sam = really sweet
Sam phoned at 3.00
He went to see Ronnie Lane last night
Made Coq au Vin for tea
Nearly finished pants
Did 2 hours studying
Sam phoned at 9.00
Watched French Connection II = not too good

Thursday 14
No additional cards arrived
Went to all my lectures (faint)
Got home at 4.30 pm
Did some more of my pants
Sam didn't phone (ooo naughty, naughty and on St Val's day too ... tut tut )
Bed at 11.20

I am back in the world of the internet ... but only just. Old Boy PC has a new plug in thing which is supposed to be 10x quicker than then the old broadband plug in thing..... I am yet to be convinced!!! Lappytop hooks up to the wireless router but the wireless router is not recognised by the new plug in thing.
I have spent an entirely frustrating day crawling behind the tele and under my computer table whilst on the phone to a call centre somewhere in Asia (one call was 2 hours) .... it is so bloody annoying ... I AM NOT AN INTERNET INSTALLER IAM A FREE WOMAN..... (deep breaths and think kind thoughts!!)

This is a kinda fun website forwarded by my cuz CKX.....

& happy St.Valentines Day too x


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Afghans are so 80's ..... oh, that's OK then ..... it all fits!

What was the weather like in India? did you ask? The TG got onto first name terms with quite a lot of people when she was sorting our internet out and almost onto swapping recipes .....

70steen said...

no I should have asked about the weather being British and all I was too wound up though after unplugging.. running into the next room...plugging then back to look at green lights !
I have a selection of 7 names to take off my Christmas card list just from today... I asked that they speak slowly and clearly when quoting tecky speak (they get frustrated with that) ... so revenge was due, when asked for my account number I read it in uber fast posh English ... it took one of the receivers 5 attempts to get it right... touche!!! [a small victory I know!]

Daddy Papersurfer said...

aaaaaaaaand ....... *relax*

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day 70s - I've missed you! glad you're back on line

70steen said...

DP ~ yes *ahhh*... and a deep *sigh* to boot .. the connection is still slow despite the upgrade and paying more money for the privilege!!!

70steen said...

NM ~ Happy St. Val's day to you friend .. missed you too. I managed to sneak a look at some blogs whilst at work but decided not to visit Gimcrack as I would have been Firewalled and hauled before Big Brother
Must get over to you and catch up xx

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Sending you a great big {{{{HUG}}}} and KISS on Valentines Day! :)

70steen said...

Huge {{{HUGZ}}} back hun for St Val's day and hoping you get your hearts desire xx

fracas said...

Fraccy hugs for you 70s.. next time your internet gives you this much trouble, we should set up the cauldron. Just make sure to get their names, and ask if they'd mind sending you a hair or two. LOL.

{{Any ideas who sent DP those yellow carnations?}}

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Does your telephone 'crackle'? - could be a hard wiring problem in the network which was the problem we had. It only took about 6 weeks to sort out!

kayla said...

Just wanted to say you have a great blog

70steen said...

DP ~ I get interference on the TV and on the phone .... I just can't bear he thought of the rubbish phone calls and them telling me it is my TV and my phone ... I think I may burst a blood vessel ... I think good old pen to papyrus is the answer to Sir Dickie

70steen said...

Thank you Kayla and welcome to 70s :-)
Must pop over to visit you