Saturday, 28 February 2009

28th February 1980

Thursday 28
am. Food and Nutrition
pm. Business Studies
F & N - Social Services wasn't too bad
Business Studies = really difficult
couldn't do it - left after 1 1/2 hour (ermm hardly surprising as I skived most of the lectures)
Bumped into Mike at lunchtime
Went for a game of pool at the Coronation (great A'level exam prep.. not!!)
Fi's gone to her grandma's birthday party
Sam phoned at 8.30 & 11.30
First time he was happy , the latter he wasn't !!!
Revised from 8 - 9.30 pm
Loving these translations from Japanese to English


fracas said...

LOL on that last one sis. Still dealing with this horrid cold, I happen to have lots of used tissues if anyone is interested.

Hmm. Maybe I should post the sign and my tissues up on ebay and see what happens?



70steen said...

me too sis .. I have a huge headache along with sneezes and a cough .. generally feeling unwell .. we so need some sunshine .. [70s wondering what the call for used tissues on e bay would be? & concluded .. yes you have a winner there lol :-D

John C said...

You can each take a shirt sleeve ladies. I'm washable. (Can ya hook me up for someone to wash me too?)

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you're unwell 70s.

(the elevator sign is hilarious)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Obviously Sam has a drinking problem and gets grumpy when drunk ..... it's really time you realised this and chucked him. Your drinking problem is different ....... obviously.

Why is everyone unwell? Oh dear - I'll have to wear a mask I suppose whilst wandering the virtual world ...

*Hugs* to you and Fraccy - DON'T COME TOO CLOSE!!!!!

Somnambulist said...

We share the same attitude towards A level revision.

70steen said...

aw thanks John *sniff*... I am sure DP will pop the wash on for you .. he is apparently well trained ;-)

70steen said...

Thanks NM ... got a fabulous chesty cough today ... (that one did make me snigger ....) :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ oh yes how obvious it is now ... lol

I am sure mine was from going down Souff and being in mucky London last week.... its ok to wear a mask but please try to resist the whole nurses outfit bit !!!!
[ta for the *air hugs*]

70steen said...

Somn ~ hee hee .... it is such an awful age to take A' levels... you just want to party not study ;-)

diane said...

I like the elevator one too!

Hope you feel better soon. Haven't had a cold for over a year now....touch wood! Probably because I am turning into a recluse...every cloud and all that....