Friday, 6 February 2009

6th & 7th February 1980

Wednesday 6
Only in college for 1 hour cos of cancelled Social Services (it was was part of my Food and Nutrition A'level.. why? don't ask me?)
Me & Fi came home
She did Mums ironing (what a star... here's hoping my teens mates may do the same in the future)
& I washed my jeans (I think by this stage we had got rid of the Canadian wash tub with mangle attached .. it was a huge contraption that 'wished and washed' from a central massive metal tub which stood about 4ft tall with a mechanical mangle .. I can see it now stood in our kitchen in my minds eye.. the people we bought the house from had lived in Canada for a while and left some gadgets... it was a bit like this but cylindrical & cream .. I think by now we were onto a Hoover twintub)
Sam phoned had quite a pleasant chat
Fi left at 5.00
Cafe owners son has invited me to his 23rd
Revised 'The Family'
Phoned Sam

Thursday 7
Cooked 'Dolmares' this morning.. (mm I think that should be Dolmades) = lovelly !!!!
Sociology lecture is being a bastard to Ann
Had an argument over Ann with Debs and Chez
Fi & I went swimming = great
Skived Buisness Studies
Went to Fi's
Home at 4.45
Bought Sam's Valentines card hee hee!!! (gosh I 'hee hee'd back then too)
Had bath & hair wash
Revised 'The Family ' (How sick I must have been of that subject?)
Well it is a TFIF .. it has been a very cerebral week at work this week where the tiny slushy brain cells have had to make some HUGE decisions which will have HUGE repercussions on some UK businesses... I never imagined back in 1980 I would be in such a responsible job........ oh how the years mould you into something you aren't but have become!!

Thank god I have weekend to 'art'... ahhhh .. head down and getting it done (I have tentatively booked a few days leave in Feb just in case I don't get done what I need to get done by the 3rd March)

I Put a search on You Tube for 7th February 1980 ... and this came up .. Take it like a Man... mmm??? If you can understand any of it please let me know??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I noticed in the small ads that a company is still making the twintub. Can't quite work out why though - I suppose they didn't need bespoke plumbing as you filled them with one of those rubbery hose thingies and the drainage just hooked over the sink.

Somnambulist said...

Do you ever wonder if skiving Business Studies was actually such a good idea?! Good luck with the decision-making ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember the twin tub. that was the first washing machine I bought when I left home and went flatting

Crofty said...

I used to love my mum's twin tub. I don't think she did though. Something about 'you wouldn't like it if you had to haul all the washing...'

70steen said...

DP NM & Crofty ~ I used to like the old twin tub too but I do remember some disasters though when the hose popped out of the sink and the kitchen floor flooded. My old next door neighbour still had hers before she moved a couple of years ago ... she wouldn't have anything else. Quite labour intensive but not as much as a washboard,a tablet of soap & a hand turned mangle .. how spoilt are we these days???

70steen said...

Somn ~ I only skived Business Studies because I couldn't stand the lecturer.. he spat when he spoke eeeeww.. awful man. Managed to redeem myself as I took Business and Finance with Marketing later at John Moores University (or Liverpool Poly as it was known then)

fracas said...

He spat when he spoke? Skiving totally understood sis!

I remember my mom doing the washing in a wringer washer. As a girl, I always had long blonde hair, (long enough to sit on) and she was always worried when I was too close, that my hair would get caught in the wringers.

LOL... silly memories.

70steen said...

dear Frac I knew you would understand the spitting bit

lol at your mum's fear.... as you know we mum's make up loads to get kids from under our feet :-)

Anonymous said...

what is Dolmares?