Thursday, 26 February 2009

25th, 26th & 27th February 1980

Monday 25
am. Sociology 9 - 12 room 43 (OMG a real exam)
The exam was quite easy it was just that I didn't know enough of the work
Did essay 1 quite well
& the next 2 not so well
Should have done 4 (just to let you know I did pass it!)
Bought 'Mary of the 4th Form' Boomtown Rats

Home at 1.00
Revised from 2 -4
Sam phoned at 3 & at 9
He seemed in a better mood
Revised from 6 - 7 & 8 - 9'45
Couldn't fit any more in
Played darts with my brother
Bed at 10.45

Tuesday 26
am. Business Studies 10 am room 32
pm. Food and Nutrition room 201
Business Studies = quite a reasonable exam
Cookery = terrible = struggled all the way through it
Got home at 5.30
Had a bath
Did a bit of revision on National Insurance
Phoned Sam at 11.00
But he wasn't back from seeing Wolves (1) v Liverpool (0) (What Wolverhampton Wanders beat the mighty Liverpool???)
He phoned back at 11.30
he said he had bought me the 12" Whispers 'The Beat Goes On' & @ I don't like Mondays' Boomtown Rats
I do love him quite a bit when he is in a good mood [70s lol]
Classic 80s disco .... get your toe tapping

Wednesday 27
was woken this morning by Anne B at 9.30
Went to Tech (college) for 1 hour to get a book on Social Services
Revised 2 - 4
Sam rang at 1.45
Revised 6 - 7
Watched TV til 8pm
Fi came round
We revised til 9.30
Sam phoned at 7.15 from work as he was doing overtime
I phoned him back at 10.30
Fi stayed over
Bed at 11.00

Well it is Friday again oh and pay day :-) I have been off today and in fact I am now on leave until the 9th March yipeeee. I am in need of the break, I have been working pretty much full on these last few weeks.

My brother sent me these photos on an email last night..... I figure I shouldn't really complain about my job after seeing these.......

Mind you riding around dressed as a chicken looks fun lol

As it is Friday and pay day that means one thing .... T-Shirt Friday over at dear Nurse Myras place ... she has opted for a very fetching disco vest t-shirt and as ever she looks stunning.
I do love this t-shirt, I bought it last year for a fiver from Westworld in the sale... its a Bench too which I thought was a bargain plus the fact it has a 70s Chopper bike on it


Anonymous said...

Great T-shirt! Had a bike much like that...

70steen said...

Daisyfae~ I have Chopper envy (now that sounds way wrong?? lol)
I was never allowed to have a Chopper bike :-(

Anonymous said...

Sweet T-shirt! I love the . . . bike . . .


70steen said...

hee hee thank you Tysdaddy & welcome to 70s ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

"Chopper envy" - tee hee - good line!

Sam must have been thrilled you "loved him quite a bit" during the best of times ..... no wonder the relationship is going so well ...... tsk

70steen said...

hee hee DP any reference to a 'chopper' .. brings a snigger lol

Sam was thrilled all of the time he had 70s in tow ;-).. hey it lasted 7 years ... we couldn't last longer than the 'itch' [mm? wondering if he is ok as I have not heard from in a few weeks?]

Anonymous said...

damn! I left a witty comment and it disappeared. It mentioned nipples... maybe it will still turn up in your spam box?

Somnambulist said...

Sociology, a real exam. OK.

Nice bike ;-)

70steen said...

NM ~ no it hasn't shown ??? so what about nipples? lol ;-)

70steen said...

Somn ~ it certainly felt like a 'real' exam at the time lol

& thank you ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think it was something about being careful - the bike is about to ride roughshod over your nipple

Somnambulist said...

You don't want to get THAT caught in the spokes. Unless of course that's your thing...

70steen said...

hee hee NM & Somn .. roughshod could be fun but caught in spokes ermmm no not for me lol :-)

Steven said...

Hi 70's, like your pink site/blog, I usually post comments on DaddyPapersurfer's blog, but will chuck a few your way, couldn't possibly comment about nipples in spokes though.(Ouch)

70steen said...

hello Steven & welcome to 70s ... can't say I have seen you over at Dps place unless you go under another wizardy name?

mmm yes nipples and spokes in the same sentence shouldn't be allowed!!! ewwww

p.s. your link doesn't work!

Steven said...

Hi 70s, only just getting into this blogoversing, so give me space (should that be iSpace)?. Also don't know why link will not work, and still trying to 'gravatar' my image.