Sunday, 8 February 2009

8th & 9th February 1980

Friday 8
Deb's 18th
Did an essay on the family = ok
Debs was in tears cos it was her birthday (huh??)
She was full of self pity and saying everyone hates her - shame!! (I reckon I didn't like her much then??)
Got to Stafford at 5.40 after a lot of hassle with the trains (story of my life !!)
had to change at Crewe
Sam's grandparents were here
Went to the Woolpack
Then went to see 'Dexy's Midnight Runners' at the Poly
(wow I had forgotten I had seen Dexy's... so glad I kept a diary)

Saturday 9
Got up at 11.30
Watched 'Tiswas'
Went into Stafford at 1.45
Just wandered round
Bought a pair of placky (plastic) earrings for 25p
Got back at 4.45
Went to the Woolpack for 8.00
At 10.00 pm 10 of us went up to Bingley Hall to a barn dance = ace
Had a great laugh trying to do the dances
At 1.30 am we decided to go for a drive down the A34 (how random ...but I suppose that is what teens do eeek!!! )
Bed at 2.00
Had a great night

I was sent this today by e mail and how cool is this.
The story goes that this chap in America installed a car wash at his garage. After a while he found that money was going missing from it. He questioned the installer saying that his staff must have keys to it etc...... finally a camera was put up in order to catch the thief.........
note the bird
The bird went in the machine
& came out with the cash
They found the bird did not work alone he had a few pals aiding and abetting him.
The birds were followed and they found $4,000 in loose change on the roof of the car wash.
How excellent is that ...... & how on earth did the birds figure this out???


fracas said...

I knew I liked birds for a reason! (Between this little fella and the ones we've trained to bother the old git when he comes out of the Cliff Top Residence... oh... shhh. don't let on... he might be reading.)


Dexy's Midnight Runners... woo hoo. Come on Eileen! "With you in that dress... my thoughts I confess... verge on dir-ty!

Except... ummm... the overalls in the vid link are just plain gak. lol.

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow that bird?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've never tried the A34. Can you remember if it was nice? were the lay-bys interesting with piles of grit and stuff? Of course, the A21 is a great road, leading as it does from London to Hastings - much used by the Mods and the Rockers in my youth ....ahhhh, those were the days ...

Somnambulist said...

Ahhh... Tiswas.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hi ya beautiful one, I'm sorry I have been a slug as of late and not left you any loving words.... as usual I am fascinated by the fact that you kept a REAL diary in any year, much less my favorite years(the 70's) Hugs my friend, I hope life and love is treating you well!
Sugar to you today and everyday, Sugar<3

sylvied said...

Could I get my bird back?...tks!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

That's MY Bird Sylvie! :)

70steen said...

Yeah back from Internet wilderness :-)

Dear Frac ... wow you have trained birds I hope they are not Hitcockesque type burdys??

Come on Eileen is always a great floor filler .. have danced to that many a time .... & know what you mean about the overalls ... well it was 1980!!! lol

70steen said...

NM, Sylvie & Olga ... I will let you gals arm wrestle for the bird but I want a cut of the takings :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ like I can remember if it was 'nice'... I suspect alcohol was involved ... thankfully I didn't drive then neither did Sam ...
so cruising the A roads was out in your day too .. I know the A21 well
[I was going to say something about 'horse & carriage' but thought I better not!!];-)

70steen said...

Tiswas was great wasn't it Somn? With the Phantom Flan Flinger, Spit the Dog etc... so did you have a crush on Sally James ... most lads did ?? :-)

70steen said...

Hi Sugar
How are you? I must come and pop over to see you.
Yep I sure did keep diaries it still can't believe I kept them & they do makes me smile & cringe at the same time when I read the rubbish I wrote lol

Life is good thanks for asking ... busy as ever

70s hugz :-)

Anonymous said...

the family is always best

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Tee hee ha ha ......

Anonymous said...

Hi all
just to let you know I have little (in fact so little it is not worth having) internet connection until Friday .,.... when I get delivered some 'thing' that makes the internet 10x faster ...... I have to phone up and get someone talk me through the installation .... lol that will be hilarious ...
Meanwhile I will be contemplating my navel until then (with sneaky look ins from my office desktop )

70s x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Good luck!!!! [quite enjoying the peace and quiet actually - tee hee]