Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Indeed Happy New Decade .. out of the noughties into 2010/11/12/13 etc ... what are they to be called ?? Will 2010/11/12 be 'the pre teenies' and the rest 'the teenies'?

The past 10 years have gone by so quickly. It only seems like yesterday that Teen (when she was nowhere near a Teen) and I celebrated the birth of the Millennium in a friend's Mums cottage in a remote part of Wales with some very dear friends and we watched the New Year coming in across the World.
Do you remember the panic that the press would have us believe that all computers would crash etc ... seems so farcical now ... actually it seemed farcical then lol.

So what has happened in my life these past 10 years? I won't dwell on the very sad stuff that has happened as that is not me ... so I have......
~ watched my Teen grow into a gorgeous teenager
~ changed my career (that is a bit like the curates egg!!)
~ got divorced
~ bought a car from brand new on the day of a new registration release (ahh that new car smell)
~ got some wrinkles and grey hairs ... tsk!
~ bought a King Charles spaniel
~ had to do a hard thing and have one of my cats put to sleep
~ travelled across France, Germany and Spain on a train
~ bought a share in a hotel in Germany (any takers to take this off my hands would be
~ had my first photography exhibition
~ loved and lost (but better to have loved than to have never loved at all!)
~ gained far too many pounds (part of the change of career.. sat behind a desk all day)
~ hit my 40s
~ found and met new cousins through doing my family tree
~ found and met new friends through blogging
~ had oodles of fun
~ laughed a lot
~ loved every minute of it

So here is to the next 10 years and beyond (Blimey at the next decade I will be looking at retirement ... shudder!! ;-) )

Happy New Year ... and Health, Wealth and much Happiness
....Cheers everyone


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I was enjoying that round-up until you mentioned the next decade!!!

I hope that you continue enjoying life and that you can ease the pressure at work - ooooo, and that you continue in keeping me company on the naughty step of blogworld! XXX

gitwizard said...

That hotel sounds interesting, Germany is on my list of places to visit, do I get a discount ?

Happy New Year to You and Teen.

70steen said...

DP ~ of course I will keep you company if I can have a cushion... budge up a tad .. HNY xx

70steen said...

GW ~ Happy New Year to you too :-)x

The hotel is a shell (needs renovating) and is up for sale for a ridiculously low price ... it is in a lovely part of Germany next to the Rhine ... so any takers would be great

fracas said...

Happy New Year Fraccy Sis!

70steen said...

& all the very best to you Dear Frac ... I hope this year is kind to you mwah xoxox

nursemyra said...

Wishing you a wonderful year xx

John C said...

Can I get a job as staff there, and be bartered to be kept on staff after the sale?

The century's decade requires 'two' decades before one gets to be called a xx's. By the time anyone gets to 2020, they'll already be programmed into NOT calling it something different, so each year will be identified individually.

Like 'twenty ten' or '10.

70steen said...

NM ~ and you too hun xx

70steen said...

JC ~ of course you can.. but do you want to be enclosed in the asking price??

Like your thinking about us being programmed .. how do you think it will be done?? Will there be a device of some sort we can buy on E-By-Gum?? x

John C said...

DP's had his effect I can see on you.

No, people won't be programmed through hardware connections. It'll simply be done through neuro linguistic programming and social engineering like it's been since the dawn of time.

"They" got a mouse to move on the screen with a chip implant shortly after 2000. "They" figured it'd interefere with Wii nunchuk sales so they didn't pursue it further.

I'd say more, but they have zetabyte drives that make Echelon look like an amoeba.

70steen said...

JC ~ so pleased you clarified that for me :-D