Tuesday, 22 December 2009

22nd December

I managed to catch up with Annie Mouse and CKX today in Liverpool. It was touch and go whether we would make the 30 odd mile trip ... it was blowing a blizzard when I got up at 8.. then it cleared up. Took the dog for a hike and the snow started again.. it was so bad the dog wanted to come home.
As you will know 70s is not for giving up so I scraped the snow and ice off the car, warmed it up [whilst Teen delivered Christmas cards to the neighbours] ... and off we went. We got 300 meters from home and I thought this is stupid.. (as I couldn't see a thing out of the car except snow)... so we turned around .. parked up the car and headed for the train.
We had a great day despite the battering hailstones that decided to turn the roads into skating rinks.

Liverpool has been invaded by Penguins this Christmas ... just like the Superlambanana and the Cow Parade in Manchester

Oh and I managed to get in the act with one of then

So day 22 of Advent!!

I am sooo loving this site ... make your own Bayeux tapestry... oodles of fun

now this You Tube Clip is about about 'poor Orphan Fanny'..... Oh those days before PC and using animals to perform .....

Some cracker humour

Q: What does Bob Geldof sing in bed?
A: Duvet Know It's Christmas!

Q: Which fruit does the Royal Family eat at 3pm each Christmas day?

A: The Queen's peach!

Love this as I was awaiting questions but it was not as simple as that .... take a look see


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ooooo - I've been making a tapestry!!! - fantastic. Gonna make another one now starring MEEEE [just for a change - tee hee]

Thanks 70's ...... whooooooosh

Nice penguins BTW ...... vandal!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those penguins!

Theresa111 said...

Oh my, you do have lots of penguins and they are so grand. I have fallen a bit in love with your puppy. Such a darling puppy. Merry Christmas and enjoy your time away from the job.

nursemyra said...

Those penguins are so cute. Reminds me of when I went to Taos and the whole town was awash with painted horse statues

70steen said...

DP ~ so how is the tapestry coming along??

70steen said...

Technogran ~ thank you I hope you had a great Christmas

70steen said...

Hi Theresa how are you doing?
My pup is a cutey and such a softy
Hope you had a good Christmas

70steen said...

NM ~ wow that must have been impressive in Toas ... I love this concept The Cows were great in Manchester and the Superlambanas where completely funny .....(apparently the Penguins are the biggest piece of public art in Europe just now!!)