Tuesday, 8 December 2009

8th December (oops missed the 7th)

I am so excited as I have only 8 working days until I finish for the Christmas holidays.... 2 of which will be spent in London, 1 day is my Xmas do and 1 day is time off in lieu for all the hours I have put in ... so really I have only 4 days in the office ... fantastic :-)

As you may know my house is letting the side down on the street as we have not embraced the Christmas lights yet (saying that where I live had a massive power cut tonight.. I put it down to the power surge of all the reindeers and Santas on roof tops).. nor have I written a Christmas card yet. I have had only one card to date and that was from the Royal Mail wishing me all the best for the season... so I don't feel that bad!!...

Today's advent calendar .. it is full of 'cute'

How cute is this ... awwww I wonder if these cute tigers don't think the chimpanzee is lunch as the grow up?

I wish I had thought about this when Teen was a baby.. saying that I do have some video footage of her shouting at the TV, when we linked the video camera up, of her shouting 'I don't want to see the baby' which was actually her! I think I wouldn't be Mrs Popular if I You Tubed that... ;-)

Now today's game ... CKX said in his e mail 'cute game.. or is it? May or may not contain Spiders '
Ah hem.... ...*shudder*

I am prefering to throw snowballs at Gary ... click here


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've thrown snowballs at Gary and played with the spider ....... what's next?

I knew that babies were destructive critters ...... and now I've seen the proof ...... cute

70steen said...

Thought you would like the spider.. eeewwww

What's next?? You will have to wait and see [basically I need to catch up on the advents CKX has sent!!]

Blimey I don't think I have ever heard you say 'cute'??

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Only ever used ironically I can assure you ...... *strikes manly pose*

70steen said...

the 'manly pose' ah hem *cough* *stutter* becomes you *slutter*