Saturday, 19 December 2009

19th December

You maybe wondering why I picked this photo for day 19 of Advent??
Well I put in the number 19 into the search engine on images and this came was number 19 on this web page ..... I love it as it has such great character (there are some fabulous photos on the link ... go take a peek!!

I finished work yesterday and don't go back to 'Stressville' until the 5th January .. I can't tell you how great I feel about that [those of you that follow me on FB will know I am in the mood for dancing.
Today has been spent writing the last of the Christmas cards and wrapping presents. Blimey that latter takes up some time.... Teen came and helped out when she returned from visiting her paternal grand parents popping on the bows and curling ribbons. Anyway oit is almost all done on that front .. just a couple of light UK pressies to buy and post!

Okay what have I/we missed on the advent since last I posted??

This first bit is dedicated to Daddy Pee Pee

I know this nail art form will especially appeal to him.... click here
He got a new game for Christmas but as he is so old he will love this blast from the past .. old Atari games .
And a he is of a certain age I think this may be a useful web site ... when to go for a pee during a film ......

Other things I have loved about the last 5 days of advent are these ....

A football made out of aid packages sent to 3rd world countries. I am in awe at the ingenuity of this and how footy crosses the globe... well done :-)

I love this game but I am bloody rubbish at it as I am with mot computer games ... do give it a go it will make you smile and groan at the same time

This is so a boyz game but some how with my 'sometimes' logical brain I did actually like this working out the velocity etc....

You so have to check out these photos of animals (some are disturbing nd I hope they were rescued and have lovely life now) .... the comments on the photos are quite interesting too ..

This game is lovely... and as CKX says 'may contain kittens'

some Cracker jokes

A Yorkshire man takes his cat to the vet:

Yorkshire man: "Ah've come to see thee abaht me cat."
Vet: "Is it a tom?"
Yorkshire man: "Nay lad, I've browt it wi' me."

Q: What does Cliff Richard do when he lands in jail during a game of Monopoly?
A: Miss a go and whine


Daddy Papersurfer said...

You're right, the nail sculptures are excellent - and beautifully photographed.

Shopping cart game - rubbish.
Telephone - very handy.
Gun game - surprisingly interesting [but took ages to load adjusting velocity and angle of dangle - I had to have a pee halfway through the game] ..... tee hee

70steen said...

thought you would like the nail art ... I thought for a moment when I first saw it may have been your handy work....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I wish it was - it's good .....

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great photograph, I never realised Barbara Cartland smoked.

70steen said...

Great name Total.... thanks for the visit ... when your comment came through on e mail I almost sent you into the burning pot of oil where I fry spam (have had a lot recently)

I think that ladies make-up is a little more carefully applied than Bab's was lol:-)

fracas said...

Wrapping the gifts does take up so much time sis... it's just silly, isn't it? I swear someday I'm going to spend a week in July wrapping an assortment of boxes in different sizes up the 'TV Show' way, with tops and bottoms wrapped separate, and store them for Christmas so I can just pop things inside and tie it closed with ribbon!

I suppose that would save on yearly wrapping paper expense, and be more environmental since I'd not be wasting paper every year...

(I know everyone sees through my laziness, but that's my story and I'll stick to it!)

nursemyra said...

Two of my friends actually have that runpee iphone application. I however have no need of such things, a sad indictment of how little water I drink

70steen said...

Dear Frac.. Annie Mouse as a rule has hers wrapped in August... I am afraid I am old school as Xmas just doesn't happen outside of December .. apart from buying stuff in sales that may or may not do for Xmas.
I do agree about the amount of paper wasted so do try and do gift bags [which the receiver may use again].. your pressie is on it';s way but I doubt you will get it for Christmas .. maybe it will fill you with NY cheer ;-) x

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ you so have to get your water quota up.. it doesn't make you pee .. it is the coffee that does that xx