Tuesday, 25 August 2009

25th August

Saturday 1979
Got up at 10.30
Sam played footy (football or soccer depending where you live in the world)
They lost 4-1
Went to the Woolpack
Then we went to Tillington Hall
It is Nurse Myras Birthday today .. well it is in the UK .. it could be tomorrow or yesterday depending on your time zone. If you have never visited Gimcrack then you have never lived .. take a deep breath and take a look ... dear NM is an education on a daily basis and lovely with it ;-)

Happy Birthday Nursie xxxx
I am having a maxed out week this week. I am only in work three days but am having to work 9 + hours per day to get everything in a state of readiness before I finish for 7 working days (bloody hell I didn't sign up for this !!).. just feeling at the moment that everyone wants a piece of me and there is not enough to go around (roll back the 70s when life was a doddle)... it will pass when I walk out the office doors tomorrow..

Teen is getting her GCSE results on Thursday,,, so it is going to be either tea and sympathy & shopping or celebration cakes and .. yes shopping. Shopping or should I say 'retail therapy' is cure all (darn it...I have just remembered (Teen won't have forgotten this) I have pledged £5 per grade C, £10 per grade B, £15 per grade A and £20 per grade A*.. eeek!!)

For the next 11 days or so I will be popping in and out of 'interweave' world whilst catching up with folk around the UK and hopefully testing out my Sketchers as well.
Those lovely people at FuelMyBlog sent me a pair of expensive trainers to test out. They (the trainers) claim to assist you in loosing weight, toning muscles, aligning your spine etc etc (I have nt had time to watch the DVD that accompanies the shoes).... mmm dubious me that is me thought 'no way!!'. But I tell you so far so goody they hit the mark on my back pain. I put them on and the pain is minimalised hugely, it was instant ....it is like walking on rocking marshmallows plus I am taller ..

I will post a full post about them in the near distant future


Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie!

Better get your credit card ready for Thursday ;-)

(Let me know how you get on with the sketchers - I might be tempted to buy some if you think they're worthwhile)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I hope the teen does really well ..... just to see the look of anguish on your face as you hand over wads of cash ....... tee hee

These shoes, which appear to be all over the interweave, sound fascinating. I wonder if there are any suitable ones for peabrains? I certainly need toning and I love marshmallows ......

70steen said...

Nm ~ you are very welcome I hope you had a lovely day

[so far so good with the Sketchers .. they seem to be doing my back some good.. will keep you posted ]

70steen said...

DP ~ Thanks DP ha ha de ha .... I think I am more nervous about the results than she is

I am sure the Sketchers could be unisex ... they would suit you sir!!

gitwizard said...

Can we just go back a bit here?

"I am only in work three (not 4,5,6, or 7?) days but am having to work (only) 9 + hours per day to get everything in a state of readiness before I finish for 7 (HOW MANY???) working days"

And you want time off from interweaving????

And someone has bought you expensive trainers????

Oh, that's OK then, for a moment there I thought you had a hard time coming up..........

Only joking........have a nice time off....lot's of photees pleeze.

John C said...

...wanna play footy with a yank? (giggle snort)

70steen said...

what you can play footy?? How about 'keepy uppy'? *snigger*

belinha said...

How are you?Thank you for your lovely comment on my photos.I'm going to post more photos from Oporto.That is my favourite city in Portugal.I lived there for some months.It's famous for its wine.And football team...:)
I just saw that you have a Flickr with photos too.So I am going to link it to my photo blogue.
I enjoy these photos very much because I was very happy in Oporto.In the future i will post also photos from Paris,London,Madrid...I miss travelling so much.Now I can not afford it anymore.So I understand you so well when you say that internet is such a fantastic window to the world.That's why i called the blog PARAPEITOS=windowsill
Hope you are fine!

70steen said...

Hi Belinha.. I am good thank you ..great to see you here .. I love your photos I will pop along to flickr and add you as a friend.
Paris, \London and Madrid are my favourite places to go .. but I have never been to Portugal however, I think looking at your photos it would certainly be added to my list of great places (I don't fly so the likelihood of me getting over there is slim).. the internet is great isn't it?.. I can see the world you live in as you can see mine :)

70steen said...

Belinha ... do you have a Flickr account I can find one ?

Thank you for adding mine to your photos site

Everyone who pops along here take a look at http://parapeitos.blogspot.com/

beautiful photographs :-)