Thursday, 20 August 2009

20th August

Monday 1979
Got up at 8.00
Lesley gave us a lift into Stafford
Got the 9.30 train to Liverpool
Worked 12.00 -6.00
Went to a silver party
Mar bought me a silver ring
Ordered 2 lipsticks
Phoned Sam at 11.15

Thank goodness it is almost the weekend.
I had a long, hard day yesterday. I drove up to Scotland and back in a day (456 miles) and I was on the road for 9 hours all together... it should take about 6 to attend a 3 hour meeting.

The weather was hell. Most of the journey was driving in torrential rain with so much spray you couldn't see the car in front even when they had lights on..... I tell you I cannot believe (well yes I can actually) just how many wallies drive in those conditions with no lights on and at high speed... eeejits !!

It was worse than this as at 3 o'clock in the afternoon as it was like nightfall...... what made it even doubly worse was I phoned Teen from the Lake District and asked if it was raining... she replied 'no way Mum it has been one of the hottest, sunniest days in Manchester ever!!!'....... grrrrrrrrr :(

I have had a man than 'can' here this tea time..... and 'can' he certainly did. I have a new cable box that works super duper and guess what?? The internet connection trouble I have had on and off for ever was due to my connection in the box outside my house...... grrrrr to the smart a**es who kept telling me it was my computer ..... and a big thank you to Ivor :-)


& finally for today ... my cuz in Oz posted this on her Facebook page and I just had to share it. I am not religious but I never take a pop at peoples beliefs ..... but this is unbelievable ..... it did make me giggle click on the link ... I beg you lol


gitwizard said...

I once had to do a parcel delivery to Bolton. I left Bognor Regis at 2am to avoid the worst of the motorway traffic. When I was on the M6, the rain was so heavy, it was bouncing a foot off the road, all the mega lorries were travelling at the same time and I was trapped between 2 of them for miles, scary!!
Tried looking at your link but my internet connection is playing up again.....

70steen said...

GW ~ I think fog is the only thing worse than torrential rain on the motorway... there were times yesterday when I couldn't see the road at all only my windscreen in front of me .. way scary.
That is one helluva a drive Bognor to Bolton... glad to see you ahve ventured oop Norff though ;-)

So you don't miss out on the treasured link type in


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Glad you made it there and back safely - quite amazing for a blond ..... still it probably gave you the opportunity to experiment with make-up ........ ho hum

I reckon if I wore those jimjams I'd be shot through by a bolt of lightening ....... anyway, gotta go - my new toy has arrived - PLAYTIME!!!

nursemyra said...

I clicked the link - hilarious

70steen said...

DP ~ mmm I wonder if they do adult sizes *snigger*

70steen said...

NM ~ hilarious but slightly unnerving too lol :-)

gitwizard said...

Does your cuz in Oz not comment here then?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Don't faint I am actually here. Wow I love you new look. Everything looks so fresh and pretty.

I apologize for taking so long to make my way over here. I have just been a bad bad girl!!

I am glad you made the trip safe and sound too. i never like driving in fog.

So many crazies out there are always passing even if the fog is thick as soup!!

I am working very hard to get back on track with all of my regular visits.

I know it is difficult for you to load my please no worries!!

I just wanted to pop over and let you know you were and never will be forgotten.

I hope you have a great week!!

70steen said...

GW ~ no she doesn't we catch up on Facebook .. actually I don't think she knows I have this blog ???

70steen said...

Hi Jackie and welcome back to blogsphere... lovely to see you here.
I must pop across and visit you as I have a new computer and the nice man from Virgin has fixed my connection ... so fingers crossed 'big' blogs will be easier to load.

I am glad I survived my trip and still here to tell the tale I can tell you :-)

fracas said...

I hope those jammies are made of flame-retardant material. It would be awful if jammies that were supposed to protect the tots were actually responsible for someone's tot suffering burns.

Jammies for children are supposed to be made of flame resistant material but since that's obviously a home business, who knows if they're following regulations?

Sometimes I just have stupid thoughts...

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ They don't look like they would have any kite mark for fire safety ... but I really can't imagine anyone buying them for there kids .... but what do I know??
p.s. it is not a stupid thought it is spot on :-)