Monday, 17 August 2009

17th August

Wednesday 1977
Dentist 3.15 (I am at the dentist tomorrow !! spooky )
Elvis died aged 42
Packed for hols
Tributes to Elvis Presley on TV = very moving
Went to 'new boyfriend's' house 8.30 - 11.15pm
He gave me a cross (huh??)
Watched a film about pop music in 1968 = very good (mmm I wonder what it was??)

Wow it is 32 years since Elvis left the building! I do remember that day as my eldest brother was so upset as he was huge fan.

I decided to have the day off work today ... I had spent the weekend decorating at my Mums house.. came home and was knackered. I had done no washing and needed to catch up on my housework.

Things are going well with converting the conservatory into a studio after a visit to IKEA this evening... managed to get a work top and legs for £31 and pink (yes Teen had to have pink) swivel chair for £19. I want glass shelving but they were £15 a throw.. no way I am paying that!!
All I need to do now is find a man that can to fit a radiator in there and fit some warmer flooring than the pathetic attempt I did at tiling it..... oh and I need to construct the work table and swivel chair.

Being a Brit Friday night is traditionally 'chippy' night. The night when you don't cook but trot along to your local fish 'n' chip shop for tea (there are those who take their own plates 'plate it up' and toddle off home with their fish, chips and mushy peas ready to go!!?).
Having 'chippy' on a Friday tea is a recent thing for me as I can't 'do' batter as it makes me throw. But Teen is an avid fan (mmm she has learned this from staying at mates on a Friday night)......

We had 'carry out' on Friday.

Is it me or does the the image on the carrier bag seem a bit wrong?? smiling condiments spurting red stuff at a fish that will soon be eaten and it is smiling too!!!!!


gitwizard said...

I'm trying to wean myself off chips. My house in Chichester is opposite a chip shop, so not easy.
Here in Forest Row the 'chippie' does a fantastic chicken'n'mushroom pie and chips, mmmmm...... hungry now.

fracas said...

I remember the day Elvis passed away too! I was babysitting across the street from my house, in the basement watching television while I gave the baby a bottle and the announcement came on the television screen.

It's sad how fame ruins people.

And that is one goofy chip bag!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You could have broken the news about Elvis a bit more subtly - I had no idea - what is the world coming to? You'll be telling me that Margaret Thatcher isn't the PM next ...

Glass shelves at £15 a throw ..... wouldn't they break?

It's such a shame I'm soooo far away, I could have fixed that rad in for you - and then you could have claimed on the house insurance for a flooded floor and got it replaced ...... still there you go ...

Anonymous said...

I've got a pink swivel chair at work!

70steen said...

GW ~ I know chippy food can be quite addictive. The chippy I use has been in our area forever and does such a great fish supper... love chicken and mushroom pie, not had one in ages... mmm I am hungry now too (have had no tea ;( )

70steen said...

dear Frac ~ I can't believe how long ago it was!! He had a rather awful end to his life such a shame.

That chip bag I just think someone actually sat down and designed it ... all very bizarre

70steen said...

oops soz DP~ I better not mention that we no longer use pounds, shillings and d's anymore then???

From yours to here should only take about 5 days by camel ... pack a flask, some baggin' and a travel blanket and you'll be fine ... I'll put the kettle on

70steen said...

NM ~ oo I would love a pink swivel chair in work you are so lucky :-)

fracas said...

Okay, this has nothing to do with this particular post, but I've just run across this blog:

and I thought you might like to have a peek and if so inclined, inform either Snowy or Busy Bear to introduce themselves. It's not that I've forgotten about Grumpy Ted, but I'm not sure if you want Grumpy Ted to be making the first impression for the Dear Teddy blogroll possibilities. Perhaps if he was willing to dress up in some fancy knitted outfit or something?

Anyways... I found it and thought of your bears.

This bear has a twitter too... TheRealStinky

Off to see how I can aggravate... err... help DP...

Drowsey Monkey said...

Elvis is dead? hmmm...

I actually remember that day, we were travelling through Newfoundland, i was in the backseat & my dad was driving, mom in the passenger seat. He was like, who No heart i tell ya, lol

70steen said...

Hi DM I was pretty much the same as you when I heard the news.. I think the TV stuff would have been just general like 'how sad is this' people sobbing about him (that is where the moving bit came from).. just like my bro!!.. I am was not and am not an Elvis fan ;-) although there are a few 'tunes' that get my toe tapping