Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 8 of Advent

Day 8 ...... I went to a casino last night and was stood next to a guy playing Blackjack who kept having win after win after win. I couldn't believe his luck, then saw he was stood on what looked like a bit of bread. 
I asked him, "Hey Mate, what's that under your shoe?" 
He said. "Shhh! I'm on a roll."

I saw this on the tele a few weeks ago... I hate how people chuck chewy on the floor .. why can't they wrap it up and put in a bin, it isn't that difficult is it? I wonder what this guy would paint if everyone did that? 

Who ever said the German's had no sense of humour??... a really fast car wash.

Some of us blogger's have seen this before and it is fun ... I have sent a head to a few of you who I have email addys for ....
Just off to play the Blosics game again it is soooo addictive.

Oh btw my pup is still collecting coal from the beach for those who have been naughty .... you still have time to be nice!!


John C said...

I got to level 5 until the green bricks I was tossin' were red. I got 1/100!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm trying to be nice but seem to have lost the knack ..... I hope the doggy will give me points for effort ..... [orders 'stuff' from Amazon to be on the safe side]

70steen said...

JC you have to stay away from the red blocks they are evil

70steen said...

You are never to old to try new tricks DP ... Layla is a kind soul and I am sure she will find you a special piece of coal for Santa to bring you :)