Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 13 and 14 of Advent

Day 13 & 14 of Advent  only 10 shopping days til Christmas. I remember years ago that it would only be 9 shopping days and you would have to get those presents in the hours of 9-5 and not open on a Sunday. Today  the shops are open until 22.00 hours 6 days a week and  6 hours on a Sunday. When they started opening on a Sunday and late night Thursday that is when I got out of 'retail'.

There are some cool sounds to be made with this ... I did try and open this in work today to entertain everyone but 'big brother' wouldn't let me :(

Q: What is Father Christmas' cat's favourite fizzy drink?
A: Fanta Claws!

Every car should have one of these 

Shaun the Sheep is is so cool in Wallace and Gromit but this game will want you want to see a plump lamb chop on your plate 

Shuddering at the amount of info on this black board .. how on earth could you follow this ??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are there a couple of piccies missing or has my mind departed for real this time?

70steen said...

I don't think so??? Maybe you need a gingernut and a little lie down!!

John C said...

It's possible there's trade blocks protecting them from being seen other than Oomper Normf. Can't see the two mentioned either.

By the way, I killed three sheep only...their clones are all safe now...which sounds ridiculous if I'm guiding them.

70steen said...

How weird I can see them!! :(

Well done with the sheep JC ... only 3 dead is a result ... I killed enough to keep the Northern Hemisphere in chops for years

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Mint sauce ....