Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 24 of Advent

YIPEEEE only one more sleep ...... 
There has been a bit of a hic-up on the 70s family Christmas ... the snow has prevented the family from travelling over :( so it is just me a Teen all day. It is a bit of a good/bad feeling ... bad as I won't see my family but good in the fact we can slob around all day in our PJs and eat when we like and lots of it too as I have catered for a house full!! Quite looking forward to it :)

So for the last day of advent there is a bit of an animal theme....I am loving this You Tube clip ... it must have taken them ages to do 

The next animal thing is ' Awkward Family Pet Photos'  there are some classics in there lol

In case you have some spare time to kill over the festivities ... not one game but 95... laid out like Windows... wish I could play these in the office particularly the throwing the paper in a waste bin (with Government cut backs they have removed the real ones from our office .. taking with it hours of fun ;) )


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Enjoy the peace and quiet!!!!! xxx

gitwizard said...

Have a brill time 'slobbing' around in PJs! (we'll be expecting photos).
You'll have plenty of time to play all those addictive games, I like Bloxorg number 5.
Best Wishes to all at OopNorffVille for Christmas!

70steen said...

DP we will x

70steen said...

GW we will have a great day in PJs and no way there will be photos lol (okay maybe there will be doctored ones).. will check out no 5

Have a great Christmas lots of cheer from oop Norrff to you down Souff :)