Saturday, 24 October 2009

24th & 25th October 1977

Monday 24
Half Term
Maths Tutor @4pm
Did equations YUK!!!
I am not going out with 'new boyfriend any more, that is definite.
'J' met Mark R in town and he told her so. (Don't you just love teenage romance when you get dumped through the grapevine lol)
Not very upset.
Went to Fi's house this afternoon.

Tuesday 25
'new boyfriend' phoned
He said he still fancies me but it would be better if we finished (lol)
I could always go back with him in a few months (are you mad girl... erm no don't do it!!)
Fi came round
Took Kelly for 2 walks as 'J' and her family are in York (Kelly was the most amazing Irish Red Setter.. )

I am being a really bad blogger of late. No excuses except that I seem to have no time to spare. However, I have become a bit hooked on Scrabble over at Facebook. If anyone fancies a challenge who follows me over there let me know, unfortunately it isn't available in Canada or the US.. dunno why????

You can tell winter is on it's way ... on Thursday I started with a god awful head cold. Don't you just hate them? It is only a cold but it makes you feel so wretched, my stomach muscles are aching through sneezing so much. Teen reckons it is good and I will end up with a 6-pack ... lol.

To cheer myself up I thought I would take a look at what was number one in the record charts in October 1977. fancied a bit of discotheque musak..... how disappointing .... number one on 24th October 1977 was .... DAVID (bloody) SOUL with 'Silver Lady'

I won't inflict him on you here but if you click on the words 'Silver Lady' it will take you to an awful recording on You Tube .....

I will leave you with a bit of Rod Stewart ,,, number one in May 1977... quite apt as I had just been dumped by my first boyfriend lol :-)


fracas said...

I've had one of those awful head-colds too, only for me.. they always turn into a chest thing too. :-(

Sending virtual hugs and hot tea (well, 'cause if it was real, it would ruin your keyboard or something...)!

nursemyra said...

you're back! I was getting worried about you but now that you've revealed your Scrabble obsession I know why you went AWOL....

70steen said...

Dear Frac .. I hope you are feeling better too... the common cold is an evil thing it manifests itself into a hundred different ways .. I am feeling much better and thank you for the tea ... Earl Grey always hits the mark ;-)

70steen said...

Dear NM ... as you live in OZ you can play .. I game with my cuz over your way so get signed up and we can exchange a few words [in the best possible taste of course ;-0]

fracas said...

(Re: Scrabble) I'm not sure why everyone wants to exclude us Canadians... they don't know what they're missing! Maybe it's 'cause they're afraid we'll spell words differently and break the internets? ;-)

Ah well... I try to think about it in an "It's their loss" kind of way.

Diane said...

I am SOOOOO bad at blogging nowadays, I really sympathise. And that's without playing Scrabble. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.
Hope you feel better soon.

And thanks for sparing us 'Silver Lady'!

70steen said...

Dear Frac ... it would be fun if Canadianlanders could play ... hey they let me play and I can't spell for toffee :-0

70steen said...

Hey Diane you could play Scrabble with me ... when you have a spare second or two and not jetting off around the globe.. did I read somewhere you are off again somewhere soon??

Silver Lady was surely one of those never to be repeated records .. thank goodness :-)

Diane said...

I'm worried I might get addicted to Scrabble!

Yes, I am off again! I have quite a few friends who live in good places to visit! Might as well make the most of it. Cheap Easyjet flight, no hotel bills - would be churlish not to!
Spain next week, then Cardiff then Zurich...