Friday, 16 October 2009

12th, 13th, 14th, 15th October

Wednesday 12 1977
'new boyfriend's 18th Birthday
Went to Blackpool for the day
Saw all the Conservatives going into the Conference (This year it was in Manchester.. it was chaos and I have never seen so many Rozzers in one place (or 'Scuffers' as we called them in Liverpool)
Day = bitterly cold & windy (mmm it has been quite mild of late)
"New Boyfriend" liked his Brut and shirt (hee hee I bought him Brut)

Thursday 13 1977
Went to school after skiving yesterday (how bad was I??)
'new boyfriend' rang to ask if I would stay over after his party tomorrow
I said no
Did French homework

Friday 14 1977
Had a blazing row with 'new boy friend' about Julie C
Mark C said that Andy fancies me
Home 1.15 am

Saturday 15 1977
Blackpool Trip 6.30
'new boy friend' bought me a panda as a peace offering
Mike F asked me to go out with him when I have finished with 'new boy friend' (lol how funny ...)

Doing these dairies does amuse me as I have come across names I had completely forgotten about and it is also funny because I am in touch with many still ... like Sam and 'new boy friend' both from 1977, Mark C, 'J' from 1973 etc oh and Annie Mouse who went to the same school as me but we only became good friends 7 years ago ...


In the comments Dear Frac made mention of a certain 'intimate' moment between Donny and one of the male judges. I really couldn't believe that Donny would be unfaithful to me so I had to 'You Tube' it ... thankfully I could tell he was only kidding and no tongues were involved ... phew (but thank you dear Frac for the confirmation)

Spookily as I was typing this up Annie Mouse texted me to tell me that Dancing with the Stars is on 'Watch TV'... I have no idea if we have that on our cable ... but I have no chance as Teen is deeply engrossed in some Chic Flick!!
I had an email the other night from 'J' and she reminded me that we are due to exhibit next month in a photography exhibition .... blimey that has come around quickly!!
I have worked on a few photos to get printed up... the theme is 'music'. The ones from the Cliff concert are not clear enough to use and I have been to very few concerts of late. I captured these folk at a local festival and these are some possibilities. What do you think ???

There are a few more I am working up though ... will let you have a sneak preview...


Anonymous said...

Spooky... I'd just asked you in an email, if you had any other shows coming up! I can't wait to see what you decide on. I really enjoyed those "guess what the object is" closeups FMB used to have... makes me think you should do some macro zoom shots of portions of musical instruments. So many opportunities to be artistic that way... and all you have to do is head over to any musical supply store for a brief visit (if you're not happy with what you've already got on file).

Or what about shots of how music makes people *feel*... or use your teen listening to music in strange places. .. or how about getting artsy with sheet music... so many ideas...

Can't wait to see what you choose!

(Oh... and Donny would never actually cheat on you sis...)

nursemyra said...

I like your middle photo 70s

diane said...

Great photos! I love the way you have played with the colour, the middle one's my favourite too.

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ yes your email co-incided with the jolt from 'J' [apologies I have not answered it yet!!]

I have done a few more photos which are much in the making over at Flickr.. you can see them if you click over to the right ...

Love the idea of macro photos there is a fabulous shop in Manchester which has an aray of guitars .. it just finding the time to get over there to take the photos .. mm maybe I will look at that next week ?? x

70steen said...

NM & Diane I like the 2nd one too.. I titled it 'Fire in your belly' as that is what music should be :-) x

Anonymous said...

'Fire in your belly'

How awesomely clever!