Wednesday, 8 September 2010

06:07 08:09:10

This morning at 06:07 I was in the shower and then off on my first day back at work after being off work for 3 weeks ... blimey 3 weeks of  brain in stand-by mode (okay I know some may say that is where my brain is most of the year).
 I feel like a kid on the first day back at school after the summer break.. briefcase (check), butties (check), freshly pressed work gear (no name tags in my clothes ... that comes in a few years time.. I am so glad I taught my teen to sew ... lol

I have thought about work whilst I have been off, as in the concept of I need to go back at some stage, but not actually thought about the actual project I am working on. There has been not much point really because I know what ever I left behind will have been moved on at mega speed , there will be at least 100 e mails to deal with and what ever direction we were going on will have changed. Ahhh the joys of project work.,, hitting the ground running (I just so don't DO running!!!)

Today is 08/09/10
Just figured in my life time I have seen

The 'noughties' have had  loads
03/04/05 etc etc

I was just figuring out whether I will be around for 1/2/34?? and still blogging ?? !!!!

Thank you Gitwizard for the nudge that made me remember to post :)


gitwizard said...

You're welcome!
Sorry that you had to suffer all that back-to-work stress to remember sequential day.

Wish you hadn't pointed out to me that I have seen 3/4/56......

Daddy Papersurfer said...

GW must be exactly the same age as me as that's the first sequential date I saw as well .....tee hee ..... anyhoo, I'm delighted that you're back at work paying into the pension pot ..... I'm relying on you to keep me in gingernuts.

70steen said...

Hi GW ~ The back to work was not as stressful as I thought only 81 e mails !!! But the pressure has built up on day two back

Whoops soz about the realisation of 3/4/56... but you can't have known much about it being a mere babe in arms :)

70steen said...

Oh DP surely you are telling fibs and saw 2/3/45?? or even the last 1/2/34... you must be so much younger than your photo then!!

Do you know a strange thing even when I am on holiday I still have to pay into your pension fact I have paid so much you could bathe in broken biscuits..... it is crime!!!! ;)

nursemyra said...

I sincerely hope I'm not around for 1/2/34.... unless I'm sunning myself on my own desert island with a good book and a cocktail in hand

70steen said...

Dear NM ~ I'll see you there ... and will mix the mojito's myslef :D x

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the right place to make a general comment... so I guess here will do just fine! I love your Shelfari!!! Now I need one! lol

And yes, I would like some wine instead!

Cool blog. :)

John C said...

*nudge* *nudgenudgeNUDGE*

70steen said...

WLH ~ welcome to 70s & thank you ... Shelfari is great it keeps me reminded about what books I have already read :)

Cheers *raises a glass*

70steen said...

JC ~ you woke me up.... I know it has been almost a month since this last post ... being back at work has drained my creative juices ... mwah!