Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the UK .. it was chaos in my Tesco today with panic buying of cards and gifts .. it was quite amusing to see the look on some folks faces when they were trying to choose from a handful of rubbish cards left on the shelf!

I have bought my Mum a box set of 8 Hollywood Musicals it contains classics such as Irving Berling's 'On the Avenue', Betty Grable in 'Pin Up Girl' and 'The Dolly Sisters and Carmen Miranda in 'The Gang's All Here'......
Bearing in mind these films were mainly produced in the 40s I was shocked to see that the DVDs have a PG rating and 'contains mild sex references and horror'!!!! Surely not??? Wasn't the time before the 60s in films pure and wholesome family entertainment???

Happy Mother's Day to all us Mums :-)

I have noticed over the past few days someone has put up an impromptu gallery up on the wall near the car park I use ...... I wonder who it is ... it makes me smile as every day there is a new sketch thank you..... I just hope the rain stays off


Claire said...

I always make the mum a random card, with whatever paper is laying around lol.

Love the impromptu art gallery, you will have to add something.

Hope you keep taking pictures of it!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I also love the art gallery although it goes against the grain to agree with Claire of course.

Have a nice day and get your teen to spoil you ...... hang on, I'll wake her up "OI YOU!!!! MAKE YOUR MA A CUPPA."

[Hope the bug buggers off soon - xxx]

Eci si Cami said...

Happy Birthday! For me and my family!
Unfortunately, porn sites or slipped into everyday life! Staff in November I had a bad experience because we are beginners in bloggers and Fallowers slipped into a porn site. It is a minor site! I asked to know how you can eliminate the time but I did it!
In time maybe we will succeed in learning more about blogs, so if we limit ourselves to as many friends!
We greet with respect!

70steen said...

Hi Claire .. I have loved all the hand made cards Teen has sent me over the years ... and the bought ones too :-)

The 'Impromtu Gallery' is such a delight I must ask the car park guy if he knows who is posting them ... maybe I should print out the pics and stick them on the wall next to the sketches!!

[just a thought C... how do you fancy a photo walk around Manchester? I was thinking of organising a day out to do this!]

70steen said...

DP~ I know it pains you to agree with any goddess but glad you love the wall ..
I did shout oop the stairs your message this morning and was greeted with a 'teen grunt' .. however she did spoil me with some lovely gifts including some horribly expensive indulgent Harvey Nichols biscuits .. yum (not gingernuts but toffee crisp)

[ the bug has thankfully passed.. it was a 24 hour thing... why doesn't that happen in work time so I can have another day off??]

70steen said...

Eci Si Cami..Gracias por visitar 70 adolescentes. Hay un montón de sitios porno en BlogWorld. El amor de Madrid es una de mis ciudades favoritas. El amor de la calle Mayor y un bar de Jerez que no está muy lejos de allí

nursemyra said...

happy mother's day to you and your mum 70s - it was my youngest son's birthday on the 13th as well!

love the wall of art too xx

70steen said...

Happy Mother's day to you too NM from the UK and Happy Birthday to your youngest :-)

Diane said...

What very superior graffiti! I was near Brick Lane in London earlier in the week, the graffiti there is amazing a definite cut above the usual 'tagging' (although that is there too.)
I love that your art gallery wall is on paper and glad no-one seems to have defaced it or taken it down!

fracas said...

Oh sis, I always forget you folks have Mother's Day in March... until you have it and I read someone's blog. Hope you had a lovely day too!

Like Diane, I love the idea that they've posted the art on paper and not inked up someone's wall without permission.

70steen said...

Diane .. the art on your post are brilliant. I just love randomness of street art... I know that there is a lot that is purely vandalism but there is a heap of stuff around that is so imaginative.

I have to say I was gutted this morning as the impromptu art gallery has gone! All that remains is the backing of some of the pieces. I console my self with the thought that the artist has taken them away and not some ne'er do well or even worse some Council 'jobs worth'!!

70steen said...

Hi Dear Frac sis .. thank you I had a lovely day .. when is Canada's Mother's Day? I have had 2 Mother's day's once when I was on holiday in France when theirs is late May....