Monday, 30 April 2007

Teen Years


This is what you may call a brave new world to me (as I imagine it is with a lot of you here?)
I have been introduced to 'Blogworld' by a friend ... who along the line I will link to but just now I want to keep on my feet without the aid of a safety net.

This friend who has tempted me here will laugh his socks off as he knows so well how bad I am at typing.......... hey I can't help it if my fingers are slower than this razor sharp brain of mine!

Any way cutting to the chase ...... this Blog is dedicated to the 40 somethings around here.
It all started when I found some diaries of mine in the loft the content of which I had quite forgotten, dated from C1974 intermittant to the 1980s
(& if my daughter, who is of a similar age to the first diary, finds out I am doing this, then I am well in the doo dar!!' I was far wilder than she is, whether I will have the guts to write how wild I was ... we will see! )

This tonight is my venture into cyberspace introduction .... the reading and translation of diaries (by me), the typing (by me .. god help you ) and the spin (lol by me) will follow when I can get on here (refer back ... teenager in my house + MSN = I can't get on here! )

See you all soon .................... If Life on Mars did it than so can I :-)

70s teen
p.s. of course the names have been changed to protect the innocent .... or maybe the not so innocent!